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Update: Selena Gomez has already reached Japan as of Feb 2011, and Miley Cyrus has already reached the Philippines as of Jul 2011. Let's keep hoping for the others.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Goukaiger Toys info + Conception of GouKaiOh

GoukaiOh is made up of:

- GoukaiGalleon (Red), which forms the body and head.

- a Racecar (Green), which forms the left arm

-a Fighter plane (Blue), which forms the right arm and Pirate Hat

-A Trailer (Yellow), which forms the left leg

-A Submarine (Pink), which forms the right leg

When a dial is turned on the back of GoukaiOh, 5 "Caps" appear on the front side of the robot. Cannons attach/emerge from the caps, and the robot enters its "Hissatsu Form". The caps are located on the chest, arms and legs, so when the cannons open up, it gives you the feeling of a galleon opening fire. Additional parts can be installed onto the caps. GoukaiOh is said to resemble GrandLiner.

GoukaiMachine Series:

Composed of MagiDragon (2,500 yen), PatStriker (3,000 yen) and GaoLion (4,500 yen). These mechs can attach to GoukaiOh's caps, changing its forms.

-When combined with MagiDragon, a Dragon's Face is seen in the body. The front side of the feet also show dragon's feet-and-claws. This form is called MagiGoukaiOh.

-When combined with PatStriker, the body has a clear-look/PatoLamp appearence, as there is a luminesence gimmick, as well as tires being seen in some of the caps. Form is tentatively called DekaGoukaiOh.

-GaoLion can combine with GoukaiOh in two ways. The first, is in a Centaur Form (Kentaurus Gattai), as it did in Gaoranger. The form is tentatively called GaoGoukaiOh.
It also has a "Great Gattai" form, which is a humanoid form, but it is sillouhetted in the toy catalogue. Has a voice gimmick.

Joint Union Series (3,000 yen each)

Cheaper version of old robos with Mugenbine-like joints Included so far are EnjinOh, MagiKing and GaoKing.

Henshin Keitai Mobirates:

A folding-type cell phone henshin device. Keypad on bottom half, screen on top half. When the Goukaiger keys are inserted, the upper part is transformed, becoming the Goukaiger mark. Example- When the ShinkenRed Key is inserted, the Mobirates sounds "Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Iza Mairu!". There is many different sounds, as stated, 190 listed.

Ranger Keys:

-Small figures of each of the past reds, and also of all 5 Goukaiger used for transformation.By folding at the back, the figure becomes a key. Using the keys, there are about 190 sounds the Mobirates can make. Red seems to come with the Mobirates, Blue and Yellow seem to come with the belt, Green comes with the GoukaiGun, and Pink comes with the GoukaiSword. There is a legendary 5 set, including 5 Red Ranger Keys, and the MagiRed key will come with MagiDragon.

Credits: Toku Insider


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