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Open letter/Challenge to Disney Stars

I had to open it up and will be there until the challenge is met/fulfilled.
You can read it here.

Update: Selena Gomez has already reached Japan as of Feb 2011, and Miley Cyrus has already reached the Philippines as of Jul 2011. Let's keep hoping for the others.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Miley's "whipping her hair back and forth"!

Tame those locks, Miles!
Apparently, Miley Cryus has a new obsession: Willow Smith's"Whip My Hair". In fact, she's so into Willow's jam that she's been trying our a few rapid neck movements of her own!
"According to our spies on set... Miley has been passing the time between takes on the set of So Undercover by constantly singing "Whip My Hair"... and even busting out the dance moves," TMZ reports

Credits to HM Disney Stars


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