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Open letter/Challenge to Disney Stars

I had to open it up and will be there until the challenge is met/fulfilled.
You can read it here.

Update: Selena Gomez has already reached Japan as of Feb 2011, and Miley Cyrus has already reached the Philippines as of Jul 2011. Let's keep hoping for the others.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

DCOM for "Shake It Up" ordered by Disney!

According to Variety, Disney has ordered a “Shake It Up” Disney Channel Original Movie based on the Disney Channel Original Series. No word yet on the plot of the movie, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we get more information!
The report also states that “Shake It Up” is the most-watched series on TV with kids 6-11 and 9-14, and that “Shake It Up” is on the way to becoming the number one cable series of all time in the 9-14 demographic.
Which of the many Disney Channel Original Movies that have aired on the network is your favorite so far?

Credits to HM Disney Stars for the news.

Gokaiger The Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship plot

Gokaiger Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship Plot
After we got yesterday's confirmation of a G3 Princess reunion of theupcoming Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship, the summary of the film has been leaked online!

"Any wish, just one, can be granted."

This is the power of the unbelievable treasure, the "God Eye." Searching for it, the Gokaigers meet up with the "Ghost Ship" and board it. However, aboard they come to blows with the Ghost Captain Losdark, and are forced to battle. Marvelous and the other four Gokaigers are left in hell!

Gokaiger Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship Plot
Kegaleshia's idol unit G3 Princess appears in the movie as guests. This was achieved by a "Love Call" from the producer, Watanabe. 

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship will air alongside with Kamen Rider OOO: WONDERFUL Shogun and 21 Core Medals in Japan this August 6th as part of Super Hero Time: The Movie 2011.

Source: dukemon22 via Gold Samurai of HJU

Disney's Friends For Change Games info + team lineup

Disney Friends for Change Games will begin on the Disney Channel June 24th and will then air on Disney XD June 27th. Four teams of Disney stars will be participating in the games, which will consist of a series of fun physical challenges inspired by “green” acts. The Friends For Change games will be hosted by Tiffany Thornton (“So Random!”) and Jason Earles (“Hannah Montana,” “Kickin’ It”), while Maria Canals-Barrera will be on hand to lend support to the players.

Disney will be making a $125,000 donation to each charity that the Disney stars are playing for, and the winning team’s charity will receive an additional $100,000.

Here are the Friends for Change teams:

Blue Team playing to benefit Ocean Conservancy
- Captain: Debby Ryan (“Jessie”)
- Allisyn Ashley Arm (“So Random”)
- Olavo Cavalheiro (Disney Channel Brazil)
- Hutch Dano (“Zeke and Luther”)
- Roshon Fegan (“Shake It Up”)
- Doc Shaw (“Pair of Kings”)
- Stefanie Scott (“A.N.T. Farm”)
- Jake Short (“A.N.T. Farm”).

Green Team playing to benefit Fauna and Flora International
- Captain: Brandon Mychal Smith (“So Random”)
- Valeria Baroni (Disney Channel Argentina)
- Paula Dalli (Disney Channel Spain)
- Adam Hicks (“Zeke and Luther”)
- David Henrie (“Wizards of Waverly Place”)
- Sterling Knight (“So Random”)
- Ryan Ochoa (“Pair of Kings”)
- Eve Ottino (Disney Channel France)
- Bella Thorne (“Shake It Up”)

Yellow Team playing to benefit UNICEF
- Captain: Bridgit Mendler (“Good Luck Charlie”)
- Jorge Blanco (Disney Channel Mexico)
- Valentina Colombo (Disney Channel Italy
- Adam Irigoyen (“Shake It Up”)
- China Anne McClain (“A.N.T. Farm”)
- Sierra McCormick (“A.N.T. Farm”)
- Logan Miller (“I’m In The Band”)
- Gregg Sulkin (“Wizards of Waverly Place” and Disney Channel UK)

Red Team playing to benefit World Wildlife Fund
- Captain: Mitchel Musso (“Pair of Kings”)
- Jake T. Austin (“Wizards of Waverly Place”)
- Doug Brochu (“So Random”)
- Kelsey Chow (“Pair of Kings”)
- Davis Cleveland (“Shake It Up”)
- Dean Delannoit (Disney Channel Holland and Belgium)
- Carlon Jeffrey (“A.N.T. Farm”)
- Zendaya (“Shake It Up”)

Leo Howard (“Kickin’ It”) will also participate as a special guest. Let us know if you tune in!

Source: Disney Dreaming via HM Disney Stars

G3 Princess coming to the Gokaiger movie

G3 Princess
A few hours ago, we have reported that there are rumor about Go-Onger's great power and the possible “All Girl Sentai Unit”. And just recently, Otonafami magazine confirmed that the G3 Princess will make a comeback on Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger movie!

G3 Princess is the idol unit composed of gravure idols Rina Aizawa, Yumi Sugimoto and Nao Oikawa who played Saki, Miu and Kegaleshia respectively. They released a single entitled “G3 Princess Rap.” It is remembered that Sugimoto and Oikawa hinted this on their blog last May.

Their role in the movie is not yet revealed. With this in mind, there will be a big possibility that the rumored “Go-Onger Great Power”, which is a car similar to an Engine, is true.

Source: DecaEnd of HJU via JEFusion

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Debby Ryan's "Jessie" begins production

The Disney Channel has begun production on its new series “Jessie,” which stars Debby Ryan from “The Suite Life On Deck.” In the show, set to premiere in the fall, Debby plays a teen who moves from Texas to New York City and becomes a nanny for a high-profile couple’s four children.

Also starring in the show are:
- Kevin Chamberlin (Broadway’s “The Addams Family”) as Bertram, the butler
- Peyton List (“27 Dresses,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules”) as 13-year-old Emma
- Karan Brar (“Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules”) as 10-year-old Ravi
- Cameron Boyce (“Grown Ups”) as 12-year-old Luke
- Skai Jackson (“Royal Pains”) as 7-year-old

Here is the description of the show from the Disney Channel:
“Jessie is a small town girl with big dreams who embarks on the adventure of a lifetime when she decides to leave behind starry nights for big city lights. Thrilled to be on her own and determined not to be intimidated by New York City, she accepts a job as nanny and moves in with highflying couple Morgan and Pandora and their four children, Emma, Ravi, Luke and Zuri. With a whole new world of opportunities within her reach, Jessie begins to navigate young adulthood and life in the big city. She surprises herself with how much she comes to rely on the support and advice of the kids in her care. Also helping to keep her moral compass in check are Bertram, the family’s butler, and Tony, the building’s 20-year-old doorman.”

We’ll keep you posted when a premiere date for “Jessie” is announced.

Source: Disney Dreaming via HM Disney Stars

Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle Grabs #2 spot

Super Sentai 199 Hero Great War
As expected, the Super Sentai 35th Anniversary movie presentationGokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai: 199 Hero Great Battle, grabs the 2nd spot of the Japanese Box Office in its opening week.

Super Sentai: 199 Hero Great Battle attracted 249,007 people, which earned the sentai series a total of 288,610,400 Yen (3.6 million USD) throughout its first weekend. Even with that said, the Gokaiger's pirate crew failed to defeat Jack Sparrow's "Pirates of the Caribbean", which is on the top of the Box Office for 4 weeks.

In Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai: 199 Hero Great Battle, the 34th and35th Super Sentai team must join forces to defeat the joint efforts of the Space Empire Zangyack and Black Cross King, who wants to invade Earth.

Other movies in the top 10 includes: Paradise Kiss (#3, 2nd), X-Men: First Class (#4, 1st), Moshidora (#5, 2nd), Hoshi Mamoru Inu (#6, 1st), Princess Toyotomi (#7, 3rd), Zaya Samurai (#8, 1st), Black Swan (#9, 5th), and Tezuka Osamu no Buddha (#10, 3rd).

Thanks to JEFusion for the great news.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Demi Lovato's 3rd album is near completion!

Wow! That was fast! Demi Lovato has been mentioning over the past couple of weeks that her album is in the works and that she expected it to release early, but we had no idea it was just about done! Here’s what Demi Tweeted just this week:
"Just realized my album is almost finished and is coming out so soon….. wow… my mind just exploded with excitement/nerves/joy/happiness!!"
We can’t wait to hear Demi’s new music! What about you?

Thanks to HM Disney Stars for the news.

Super Sentai Wedding Whacking episodes!

Well there's the idea of the June bride so I thought it might feature the wedding whacking in Super Sentai and what it was supposed to be. Here they are:

In Dynaman episode 13, Frog Shinka was sent by the Jashinka as a means to kidnap the brides and make them marry the awful monster.  However the plan was foiled by Rei Tachibana who got caught in the process but it was part of her plan to rescue the others.  

In Turboranger episode 12, the wicked Jarmin unleashed Sigh Bouma to steal love away from the women that it eventually reached marriages.  Zulten teased Jarmin about her trying to impress her established lover Zimba even more.  Eventually the fake marriage of Riki and Haruna caught Sigh Bouma off-guard and broke her broom so they can beat her.

In Jetman episode 20, the Vacuum Jigen was out there stealing the hearts of women who are about to be married as a means to cease the human race from continuing their line.  It was an episode where a child falls in love with Gai Yuuki and where he and Ako Hayasaka nearly got "married".  Overall, it was a hilarious episode with a touch of drama.

In Gaoranger episode six, the plot involved the Wedding Dress Org kidnapping brides and turning them into mannequins. Wedding Dress Org had a deal with Saori Shimada (a receptionist) that he (she?) will give her youth.  The plot was foiled and the brides were restored.

In Abaranger episode 28Shiyouhousenkamereon was assigned to kidnap brides in favor of becoming the wife of Dezumorlya to enter into.  He was wrecked by several fake marriages.
In Shinkenger episode eight, the Gedoushu with no monster of the week were kidnapping brides.  Mako and Takeru had a standard western wedding and a Japanese wedding.  Plus, it was crazy to see Ryuunosuke disguise himself as a bride to fool the Gedoushu.

Thanks to Sean Akizuki's Sentai Blog for the nice commentary.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"When the Sun Goes down" track listing

Selena Gomez and her band The Scene have a new album on the way titled “When The Sun Goes Down.” Here is the track listing for the album:

1. Love You Like A Love Song
2. Bang Bang Bang
3. Who Says
4. We Own The Night
5. Hit The Lights
6. Whiplash
7. When The Sun Goes Down
8. My Dilemma
9. That’s More Like It
10. Outlaw
11. Middle Of Nowhere
12. Dices (Who Says – Spanish Version)

“When The Sun Goes Down” will be available on June 28th!

Credits to HM Disney Stars for the track listing.

Title for Gokaiger Summer film announced!

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
The title for the upcoming Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger summer movie have been confirmed! It will be called Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger The Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship (海賊戦隊ゴーカイジャー THE MOVIE 空飛ぶ幽霊船) and will premier back-to-back with the Kamen Rider OOO summer movie.

As of writing, no confirmed plot or story for the upcoming Gokaiger summer film. But as the title goes, it will revolve around a "flying ghost ship", and possible, the "Flying Dutchman," a ghost ship that can never make port, doomed to sail the oceans forever.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger The Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship will premier on August 6.

Source: Yahoo News Japan via JEFusion

Joe Jonas wants to be friends with Demi Lovato again

A number of reports have surfaced online about Joe Jonas giving an interview stating that he would like to be friends with Disney star Demi Lovato again. Although, we haven’t seen either star try to connect with the other, so we won’t believe this rumor quite yet!
Joe and Demi broke up during the Jonas Brothers / Camp Rock 2 summer tour and Joe immediately jumped into a relationship with “Twilight” star Ashley Greene, with Ashley visiting Joe during the tour and putting their relationship very much in Demi’s face. By the end of the tour Demi found herself at a treatment center and shortly after Joe broke up with Ashley.
Do you think that Joe and Demi will be friends again? They were once BFFs and we would love to see them close again, but we have trouble seeing it… Weigh in with your opinion in the comments section.

Source: Disney Dreaming

199 Hero Great Battle update + summaries for Gokaiger 16-18

Super Sentai 199 Great Hero War Update
A pre-screening for the upcoming Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle movie was held today. People who went to the event reported back in 2ch some of the scenes from the 35th Super Sentai Anniversary Movie.

Spoilers Alert! Read at your own risk!
  • The Gokaigers used Dynaman's Gokai Change. Made a pose while shouting "Big Explosion" and the Gormins behind them exploded.
  • GokaiSilver was in the movie, but didn't have any speaking roles. Just in-suit kinda similar to Accel during Movie Wars 2010.
  • There were no great power for Tensou Sentai Goseiger, so there's probably going to be a Goseiger episode. Navi is the one who brings back GoseiKnight.
  • The Goseiger's returned the Ranger Keys.
All Super Sentai Mecha
  • There were no robot that combined the 35 machines, it was justall the robots using their final attacks, although they used old footage for some attacks for the older series.
  • Zangyack has cornered GoseiGreat, Akaranger and Big One shows up to save them. Kaoru Shiba along with the other extra Rangers, except for Rio, Mele and Wolzard, came together with Akaranger.
  • The extra Rangers are being chased by Gormins, Rio and Mele shows up and fight them off. Wolzard Fire comes running in saying he'll help out.

Basco vs Captain Marvelous
In addition, here are the summaries for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episodes 16 to 18, the debut of GokaiSilver Arc:

Episode 16: "Clash! Sentai vs Sentai!"
Marvelous's former comrade Basco, showed up and kidnapped Marvelous' comrades. Basco is demanding all the Ranger Keys, GokaiGalleon and Navi. Joe and the others are planning to escape, but can't seem to succeed.

Marvelous starts to think about how he met AkaRed and their promise. Eventually, Marvelous comes to a conclusion and calls out Basco. What is Marvelous going to do!? What will happen to Joe and the others!?

Episode 17: "Go Find the Amazing Silver-Colored Man"
The Gokaigers head out to find this man, but in the end, they couldn't find anything at all. Suddenly, a young man shows up saying that he knows what they are looking for, but they are interrupted by Zangyack's latest Action Commander, Almadon. The young man follows the Gokaiger's fight and shouts "Let me be the sixth Gokaiger!"

Episode 18: "Rampaging With the Dinosaur Robot Drill"
The new warrior, GokaiSilver, just suddenly appeared with 3 great powers and no one seems to know what they do. This young man really wants to join the Gokaigers, although Marvelous will only let him join on one condition. If this young man is able to do something Marvelous can't do, he is allowed to join. Suddenly, the Action Commander, Osogain, starts to attack people. 

Source: DecaEnd of HJU (link 2) via JEFusion