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Open letter/Challenge to Disney Stars

I had to open it up and will be there until the challenge is met/fulfilled.
You can read it here.

Update: Selena Gomez has already reached Japan as of Feb 2011, and Miley Cyrus has already reached the Philippines as of Jul 2011. Let's keep hoping for the others.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

ABC Family's "Cyberbu//y".

CyberBully Review.

Ok so out of straight boredom I decided to watch the movie "CyberBully" Starring EmilyOsment.

A 17 year old girl named Taylor who is a socialite from the mountain high school in nowheresville. USA gets a computer for her 17th birthday.
She goes on the computer more than is healthy for a 17 year old and is obsessed with chat-rooms that mirror the Early
2000 AOL chat-rooms. She gets a Laptop of her own for her 17th birthday and then gets cyber-bullied to the point where
it drives her to a mental hospital.

Main details: The main character is in high school love with a basketball jock. The main character wants to be a
journalist so that's why she was given the laptop. There is a fake website known as "Clickster" that is very popular
in this movie. Facebook did get a mention though. First time the character gets hacked goes around crying. Brother
hacked profile and made status that ruined her life. Main characters internet crush said he got an STD from her and
is a fake. Friend was the person who did this all. Drama confrontation and many thoughts to be conveyed.

Pro's: Emily Osment as main character. Mom from O.C. as the mother. Girl from No Ordinary Family as the best friend.
Very positive messages. Teamwork is shown quite well to explore the possibilities of how far the characters can go
that it almost feels like some boundaries were pushed to make the emotion feel so real on screen that most fake
Hollywood acts can't even pull with their wages so high and all that.

Con's: It is displayed to be the United States when it is clearly filmed in Canada. I'm not sure which part of Canada
but it feels EXACTLY like the place where the Dead Like Me series and movie was filmed. Making up a fake website
and talking about it like its some kind of big thing on TV shows and Movies is getting old even with this movie.
Clickster? sounds like a virus that banzai buddy would give your computer as an STD.

Final Thought: This movie had a very positive message in it and as someone who is against all of the Anti-Online-Bully Acts
I even had my heart pace in a few scenes. In a way it felt more like a lifetime movie than a movie from ABC family who used to put out
classic comedy's like Men In White or such. Emily Osment is an amazing actress and even though her fame got brought up
a lot bigger from this movie than each season of Hannah Montana I still feel as if she could have done a better movie
than this. Anonymity will never go away and no movie or TV show or cspan special will ever change that. even though the
real life bullies father was a complete dick his statement weighed in a deep truth that some people need to understand.

Score: 2.5. out of 5.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Making of Super Hero Time: The Movie 2011

The short "the making of" feature of the upcoming Kamen Rider OOO andKaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Summer movies has been released! Both films will be released on August 6th in both regular and 3D airings in Japan.

Kamen Rider OOO the Movie: WONDERFUL Shogun and 21 Core Medals, Kougami revives Gara, an ancient alchemist who is believe to have created the Core Medals and wants to be the "king of the world." It's up to Eiji and the gang to defeat her using the "lost medals" also known as the BuraKaWani Combo. The countdown for the end of the world begins. 

The feature also played clips of the theme song of the movie called, Let's Hold Hands ~ Matsuken x Kamen Rider Samba ~ by Ken Matsudaira, as Yoshimune Tokugawa, with Shu Watanabe and Ryosuke Miura as Eiji and Ankh respectively.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship, the Gokaigers are looking for the unbelievable treasure, the "God Eye." Searching for it, they boarded a ghost ship owned by the Ghost Captain, Los Dark and are forced to battle. Marvelous and the other 4 Gokaigers are left in hell!

Source: nerefir of HJU via Orends: Range

Nick Jonas: "Skyscraper" is great

Nick Jonas revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he thinks Demi Lovato’s new single “Skyscraper” is “great.” Here’s what Nick said when he was asked if he had heard Demi’s new song:
"I have. It’s a great song, she played it for me a while ago, it’s great."
How would YOU describe Demi’s song “Skyscraper”?

Thanks to HM Disney Stars for this tidbit.

Gokaiger and Satoru Akashi - START UP!

Well this is kind of a shout-out to Boukenger or what?  Well the pirates seek adventure, Satoru Akashi is a wild adventurer.  So here's what's going on...

Satoru Akashi is BACK for an adventurer with the quest for the "Heart of Hades" a new Precious that unfortunately...

Restores the really hateful Ryuon to life.  Woah!  Well it's kinda scary to how disfigured Ryuon is right here.  But he really has a lot of hate issues.  The Heart of Hades can bring back the dead.  Go figure.  Now the hellish villain managed to return as a guest.  He has the Heart of Hades right into him for the major reason of revenge.

It was fun seeing Satoru Akashi blend in with some pirates.  The partnership between Marvelous and Satoru is pretty interesting.  Marvelous does get to use Satoru's power to beat Ryuon as well.  

Thanks to Sean Akisuki's Sentai Blog for the recap/commentary.

Vanessa Hudgens' next movie, "Gimme Shelter" in production!

Vanessa Hudgens took to Facebook to let her fans know that she was busy working on her new movie “Gimmie Shelter.” Here’s what Vanessa wrote:
"Hey guys, what’s happenin? I have been so stupidly busy working on Gimme Shelter. I’m so excited and proud of the work I’ve been doing and let me tell you, you all are going to be SHOCKED with how I look in this movie. It’s crazy sauce. Lol only one more week of shooting till I’m done! Xx V"
Here is the description of “Gimmie Shelter” from IMDB:

“About a pregnant teenager turned away by her Wall Street father because of her decision to have her baby. Forced into the streets, she embarks on a desperate journey of survival.”

And here is the current list of actors in the movie:

- Vanessa Hudgens
- Rosario Dawson
- Brendan Fraser
- Emily Meade
- Stephanie Szostak
- Allen Holloway
- Sheila Tapia

“Gimmie Shelter” is set to release to theaters in 2012.

Thanks and credits to HM Disney Stars.

Gai aka Black Condor coming to Gokaiger

There's been talk from Toshihide Wakamatsu's blog that he'll be showing up in a future episode of Gokaiger.  As of late, he's playing minor roles in J-Drama and in some action films. So who is he married to?  I figured out that it'd be fun to see him but I wanted to see my favorite Jetman, Ryu Tendo instead.  Anyway, I wonder how Gai Yuuki will react to Gai Ikari.  Anyway compared to Takumi Hirose, he still could be a Sentai fan.  

Thanks to Sean Akizuki's Sentai Blog for the news.