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Open letter/Challenge to Disney Stars

I had to open it up and will be there until the challenge is met/fulfilled.
You can read it here.

Update: Selena Gomez has already reached Japan as of Feb 2011, and Miley Cyrus has already reached the Philippines as of Jul 2011. Let's keep hoping for the others.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

4x the Sentai tribute for September on Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

We reported a few days ago that Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger will have at least three tributes this September, but we are mistaken! We will get the whole month of Super Sentai tribute episodes!

For those who are wondering, we will get the following tribute episodes:Choujin Sentai Jetman, Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger, Choujuu Sentai Liveman, and lastly, Choriki Sentai Ohranger. Summaries are as follows:

Episode 28: Wings are Eternal - 9/4
“Mera Mera~ to Hi no Tori Jyaaku na Teki wo Uchitaosu (Burning Burning~The Phoenix will defeat the evil enemy) !”

Gai helps the Pirates to interpret Navi's prediction. Accordingly, they start searching for Jetman, when a man on a motorcycle appears before them and steals Joe's Mobirates. The man is Black Condor, and he tells them to stop looking for Jetman! Just what is he after!?

Abare PinkEpisode 29: Abare Seven Change New Combination - 9/11
The former AbareBlue of AbaRanger, Yukito Sanjou (Shou Tomita), appears with his wife and secretary, Emiri Sanjou (Michi Nishijima), the self-proclaimed "former AbarePink." Ahim transforms seven times, could one of these changes be....AbarePink?!!

Action Commander Daiyaru appears. This episode was also noted to feature Aihm and Gai pretending to be a couple.

Basco Attacks!
Episode 30: The Friend's Soul - 9/18
Liveman's former Yellow, Joh Ohara (Kazuhiko Nishimura), appears before Joe, who has acquired Barizorg's blueprints. Together, they head for Academia to try to find a way to turn Barizorg back into a human!

Great Scientist Zaien will be this episode's villain.

Episode 31: N/A - 9/25
OhRanger's former OhRed, Gorou Hoshino (Masaru Shishido), tries to get in contact with Basco, while OhPink, Momo Maruo (Tamao Satou), gets in contact with Gokaiger!?

Abaranger's Great Power: GojyuGokaiOh
Furthermore, GojyuGokaiOh, a hidden formation left untaught by Nakadai Mikoto, the former AbareKiller, using the Abaranger's Great Power. Using the Abaranger Keys in GokaiOh, GokaiOh is able to unite with Goujyujin's arms.

Source: ca3 blog via KouAidouGold Samurai of HJU and JEFusion

Friday, August 26, 2011

3 Gokai tributes for September

September is sure one great month for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger since it was recently revealed that we will have not one, not two but three tribute episodesand two of them we are fully aware of and the other one, well, Toei caught us off guard.

Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk! 

Episode 28 - Wings are Eternal (9/4/11)
An Action Commander by the name of Kiaido shows up to try and collect the bounty on the Gokaiger as they begin their search for the Jetman. Marvelous gets beaten by Kiaido and in his retreat runs across a strange man called Gai, otherwise known as a former member of the Jetman.

Episode 29 - N/A (9/11/11)
Action Commander D'ailleurs is the threat this time. As D'ailleurs can feed off of the energy created by happiness, Ahim and Gai attempt to lure him out by pretending to be a couple madly in love with each other. 

The other two tributes were hinted on the latest issue of Figure-Oh and the clues are: 

  • A certain blue, cool and charismatic rampaging chiropractor.
  • certain yellow scientist from Academia, who lost a friend will be making cameos during September.

To those who can't figure it out, the other two are: Yukito Sanjou aka Abaranger's AbareBlue and Joh Ohara aka Liveman's Yellow Lion. Quite surprised that we will still have an Abaranger episode, guess they might use this formation that we saw in some toy review then and call it Abare GokaiOh!

Source: Aoi Kurenai of HJUFreesia of HJU via Orends: Range

Brenda Song having a baby?!

Congrats, Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus!

Rumors started flying around the internet and sources told bothCelebuzz and EOnline that it was true.
Brenda and Trace started dating earlier last year and made their debut at Nylon’s Young Hollywood event.

The couple also recently collaborated on Trace’s Southern Made Hollywood Paid clothing line.

Brenda will next be heard as Chloe in Disney Channel’s Pixie Hollow Games, out this fall.

HOW DO YOU feel about Brenda having a baby?

Credits: HM Disney Stars

GojyuGokaiOh debut + more Gokai news

Abaranger's Great Power: GojyuGokaiOh
New images from the upcoming magazine releases for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger revealed the much awaited Abaranger's Great Power: theGojyu GokaiOh! It greatly resembles Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger's AbarenOh.

Gojyu GokaiOh utilizes with the use of the Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger Ranger Keys. Both of Gojyujin's arms will replace both Gokai Racer and Gokai Jet as GokaiOh's arms, one having a drill and other a Tyranno head.

Abaranger's Great Power: GojyuGokaiOh
Furthermore, in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger episode 28 “Wings are Eternal.” Gai has been resurrected from heaven will transform once again! It's with the use of none other than Jetman's Cross Changer.

Jetman Tribute Episode
Moreover, here are some more scans pertaining to the cunning Basco. He summoned Zubaan, MagiMother, Wolzard Fire, DekaMaster, DekaSwan, Mele, Rio, Signalman, and Female ShinkenRed.

Basco Attacks!
It also shows a preview for an upcoming Gokaiger weapon, theGokaiGalleon Buster! it's a tribute to the finisher mostly used by Super Sentai warriors.

Scans courtesy of alternate-zer0  via JEFusion

Tracklist for "Unbroken"

Demi just released her tracklist for upcoming album, Unbroken, out on September 20th. Check it out:

1. “All Night Long” (featuring Missy Elliott and Timbaland)
2. “Who’s That Boy?” (featuring Dev)
3. “You’re My Only Shorty” (featuring Iyaz)
4. “Together” (featuring Jason Derülo)
5. “Lightweight”
6. “Unbroken”
7. “Fix a Heart”
8. “Hold Up”
9. “Mistake”
10. “Give Your Heart a Break”
11. “Skyscraper”
12. “In Real Life”
13. “My Love Is Like a Star”
14. “For the Love of a Daughter”
15. “Skyscraper” (Wizz Dumb Remix)

Credits to HM Disney Stars for the list.

Gaoki VS Hurricane: A whirlwind of epic combination

Compared to previous nostalgic episodes, I count this to be the most awesome two-parter ever for the following reasons:

The first three Hurricangers return but looking quite different, doesn't matter because they do kick major evil butt.  Unlike the others, they managed to regain their powers for some reason and fight with the Gokaigers.  It's really a bigger crossover.

Apparently Satakatura and Sandaaru managed to sire their juniors somewhere along the way before Jakanja eventually fell down.  Hee hee.  It's just funny as they were never heard of to have been married.  When were they born?  That's up to you to decide.  But I can really say, they're just as racist and cruel as their fathers.  They also play a lethal game that the Hurricangers beat them in- a game of cheating.

Marvelous, Luka and Joe transform into the Livemen.  Well just fitting knowing that Hurricanger has also been inspired by Liveman.  Hee hee.  But I wish Joe became Yellow Lion and Luka became Blue Dolphin instead.  So will there be a Liveman episode?  Hopefully.

Just a little sideline- Nao Nagasawa's new look is less childlike and more fitting for her age now.  Hee hee.