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Open letter/Challenge to Disney Stars

I had to open it up and will be there until the challenge is met/fulfilled.
You can read it here.

Update: Selena Gomez has already reached Japan as of Feb 2011, and Miley Cyrus has already reached the Philippines as of Jul 2011. Let's keep hoping for the others.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Disney Channel's bit of Fanservice (which lasted for awhile...)

We all know we all love Fanservice, be it our fave loveteam or just a naughty bit or two that got past the radar. here's some I recognized:

1)The Suite Life on Deck:
a)International Dateline
We all know Debby Ryan's busty @ age 15 right? for all you Cailey(CodyXBailey) and Bailey Fans who are boys, guess what? When Cody says "Tonight, we talk the language of dance", Debby's bra and left boob were seen, in the photo above. woot!

However, later airings of this episode blocked it w/ a piece of cloth. Well at least it was fun while it lasted...
(Picture credit: Disney Teen Central)

b)Maddie on Deck
The most awaited kiss from Maddie that Zack was waiting for- In an attempt for Zack and the others to be free- and so do Maddie! after that scene, comes more Zaddie fluffiness.

2)Wizards of Waverly Place:
a)Baby Cupid
It's obvious... Justin's obsession w/ Harper. ONORE CUPID'S ARROW!


From 7:47 to 7:55, When Alex gets a big hug from Justin, and Alex moaned. after the hug, Justin says something about how he liked it.

3)Sonny with a Chance: Sonny with a Chance of dating
When Tawni's trying to come near Sonny, Sonny is backing out. You might think she might have a crush on Sonny. Depends on what you guys think. XD
(Picture credit: Disney Teen Central)

4)The Suite Life of Zack and Cody:
a)A Prom Story
The whole Prom thing. esp. Zack and Maddie's dance practice and prom dance.

b)Not so Sweet 16
Well you can tell that Maddie is happy because Zack came to her birthday... and that was "the best present she ever got". how sweet!

5)Hannah Montana: (Author's warning: this is mostly Moliver and a few things.)
a)Miley get your gum
Oliver being in love with Hannah Montana. in the end, he faints to find out that Miley and Hannah are one person!

a)It's a mannequin's world
The Sweater Dance! makes you think that they're more in each other in the first place...

c) Torn between Two Hannahs
The whole Two Mileys thing. that was fun, but gets bland after a few watches.

d)O say, can you remember the words
The entire episode is a fanservice in itself, since it involves Moliver and Shakespeare. and it all began w/ Oliver having difficulty on Romeo and Juliet!

e)I honestly Love you (no, not you)
When Oliver said "I love you" to Miley, Lilly's "moans" and when Miley said "Oliver is not worth it". for the latter, you can see Miley's clevage! (funny thing is, Disney didn't even care to censor it.)

f)Lilly's mom has got it goin' on

This scene alone is fanservice... but it's hard to catch the good bit. that is also uncensored too.

Camp Rock 2 songlist revealed

Could this be the song listing for the sequel? let's hope that would be it.

Picture credits: Disney Teen Central

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus!

It's been since a few years since she revealed to the world, the birth of someone who's ready to follow Hilary Duff's footsteps. Her ticket to fame? it's the same way that Hilary Duff did, star in a Disney Channel show, playing the title character. in fact, we do know her alias is nonetheless, Hannah Montana.

She had two movies based on her character. She showed her mature side in "Party in the USA" and in her upcoming movie "The Last Song". Her alter ego had numerous songs, and she alone had won the hearts of many people, esp. the boys and her girl fans. in fact, she's waiting to end her popular show to do more.

That girl, is, nonetheless, Miley Cyrus.

She has accomplished what Hilary Duff did but by 2 times. I mean, what does she had that makes the people love her? is it that she is Hilary Duff's successor? her looks? her talent? her moves? her strong faith in God?

whatever the reason, she made it and established a name for herself. she maybe 17 now but more things await her in the next few years. Despite all the bad impressions, rumors and some hate slapped upon her, she still manages to be strong and cheerful. so Kudos to you Miss Cyrus. you deserve it.

Happy 17th year of living miss Miley Ray Cyrus! More power to you!

This calls for a party! Here's a video of her song "Party in the USA":

Video courtesy: Hollywood Records' official Youtube

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hyper Go-On Red confirmed!

Hyper Go-OnRed
Here's the official photo scan of Hyper Go-onRed, that will debut on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs Engine Sentai Go-onger team-up movie.

Go-onRed will indeed use Kyouryumaru to become Hyper Go-onRed. But since he's holding Mantan Gun Rod Mode, and doesn't hold Kyouryumaru, we didn't know what happened and how did ShinkenRed be able to transform to Super ShinkenRed. What I'm thinking is, maybe Ren (Go-onBlue) created a Special Engine Soul for Go-onRed to transform into that form.

Thanks and credits: JEFusion

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Last Song HD Theatrical Trailer

Full Credits to

Super Sentai in the Philippines

(Author's note: this is a repost w/ some spelling fixes from the original blog, For Young Pinoy Audience, which I will also give credit to. enjoy.)

Super Sentai is the name given to Japanese superheroes genre (known as "tokukatsu"). This genre contains live-action characters and special effects.The word "sentai" means "task force" or "squadron". It was first used by Japanese soldiers in World War II. The word "super" adds on that word because it consistently contains giant mechas and special weapons. Every sentai series depicted as five color-coded warriors (or some series fewer or more) who gains technological or magical powers in order to defeat small and giant monsters. The super sentai has giant robots made of combining mechanical vehicles/animals and each of the series has it's own plot and themes. Due to it's popularity, some of the super sentai series was later adapted into Power Rangers series in the United States.

I had discovered about super sentai series for a long time and I still used to it.I also found out that there are many people in the internet like super sentai. Like example here in the Philippines, Filipinos like to watch super sentai series before 2000. Out of current 33[1] super sentai series, 7 series were aired and known in the Philippines in different network stations during the 90's. Namely Himitsu Sentai Goranger, Dai Sentai Goggle V,Choudenshi Bioman, Hikari Sentai Maskman, Kousoku Sentai Turboranger, Chikyu Sentai Fiveman and Choujin Sentai Jetman. I considered to those fellow Pinoys during the 90's are very lucky because they saw some of the super sentai series before Power Rangers series. After the 90's, these mentioned super sentai series was never aired again in any network stations because of unknown reasons.[2] Here are some tidbit information about the mentioned super sentai series aired in the Philippines (although I only reached Bioman and Maskman before I went to elementary). I'd say these of the following shows should re-air in any network stations.

Himitsu Sentai Goranger

This is the first super sentai series aired around 1975 and was the series that had long episodes than the rest of the series in Japan. Unlike any the rest of Super Sentai series, Goranger doesn't have giant mechas but only special vehicles and weapons.The main characters are five members namely Aka Ranger (red), Ao Ranger(blue), Ki Ranger(yellow), Momo Ranger(pink), and Mido Ranger(green). In the Philippines, Goranger was released as Star Rangers between 1978 and 1979 on Saturday afternoons on RPN 9. In this version, aside from their color designations, the Gorangers also had numeric designations, in order of their introduction to the enemy prior to battle: Aka Ranger = Star 1, Ao Ranger = Star 2, Ki Ranger = Star 3, Momo Ranger = Star 4, and Mido Ranger = Star 5. The opening theme is here.

Dai Sentai Goggle V

Aired around 1982 in Japan,Goggle V was the sixth installment of Super Sentai series.The main characters are five members namely Goggle Red,Goggle Black,Goggle Blue,Goggle Yellow and Goggle Pink.I'm not sure when this aired exactly in the Philippines but I found out that somebody pointed out that it aired every Saturday afternoons on RPN 9 in the late 90's. Opening theme is here.

Choudenshi Bioman
This show was the eight installment of Super Sentai series aired around 1984 in Japan. Choudenshi Bioman is the first super sentai series that had to women in one team and a female sentai hero died in battle and replaced another female character as the new member.
The five members are Red 1, Green 2, Blue 3, Yellow 4 and Pink 5. In the Philippines,Bioman was the known and popular super sentai series for Filipinos. The show was first aired around 1986/1987 and last aired around 1998 along with Maskman every Sunday mornings on IBC 13 in English-dub.The first opening theme is here. Also,the second opening theme is here when a new member of Bioman was replaced.

What really surprising about this series is that there is a dedication about this popular tokukatsu show. There's two local music videos that has the lyrics and theme of Bioman. One-entitled Psycho by Giniling Festival here produced in the year 2006 and the other is performed by Tito,Vic and Joey here.

Hikari Sentai Maskman
Aired around 1987 in Japan, Maskman was the eleventh entry for Super Sentai series.The main members in Maskman team are Red Mask, Blue Mask, Black Mask, Yellow Mask and Pink Mask and they specialized with different style of martial arts techniques and controlling the aura power. In the Philippine Tagalog-dub, it was called "Laser Squadron Maskman" and also the five members had their own Tagalog names-Michael Joe(red), Leonard(black), Adrian(blue), Eloisa(yellow) and Mary Rose (pink). It was first aired between 1989 to 1991 in IBC 13 and last aired around 1998 with the same network and along with Bioman every Sunday mornings. Also, the show had it's Tagalog opening/closing song version sang by Norman Caraan of 80's band Boyfriends during that time. Like in Bioman, Maskman was the popular super sentai series in the Philippines.The Tagalog opening is here and the ending version is here.

Kousoku Sentai Turboranger
Turboranger was aired around 1989 and the thirteenth entry of super sentai entry in Japan.The main characters are Red Turbo, Blue Turbo, Black Turbo, Yellow Turbo and Pink Turbo. They are high school students who gain their powers as super sentai from magical fairies in order to defeat the Violent Demon Tribes. Somebody pointed out in Youtube that Turboranger was first aired around 1992 in IBC 13 in the Philippines.Like the names in Maskman,The Turborangers had also their Tagalog names-Ricki(red), Junny(black), Ian(blue), Ronnie(yellow), and Carina(pink). The opening theme is here sang by Kenta Satou, an actor who played as Red Turbo.

Chikiyuu Sentai Fiveman
Debuted in 1990 in Japan, Fiveman was the fourteenth super sentai entry. The main characters are Five Red, Five Blue, Five Black, Five Pink and Five Yellow. This tells about five members (three male and two female) are actually siblings who are separated by their parents because of the Zone Empire. 20 years later,the siblings become elementary teachers and had their own secret identity as Fiveman. In the Philippines, it was aired around late 90's in ABC 5(now TV 5) then in early 2000 in SOLAR cable network. Opening theme is here.

Choujin Sentai Jetman
Aired around 1991 and the fifteenth entry of super sentai series in Japan. Jetman was said to be the homage of Science Ninja Team Gatachaman. Unlike the previous series, Jetman contains darker plots and contains tragic ending even though the main characters will win the battle. The main theme about this series is about birds. The five main characters are Red Hawk, Black Condor, Yellow Owl, Blue Swallow and Pink Swan.These characters were first hit by "Birdonic Waves"accidentally and destined to defeat the Vyram's. In the Philippines, Jetman was aired around 1998 in RPN 9 and aired every Saturday afternoons in Tagalog-dub.The opening theme is here sung by Hironobu Kageyama, who also performed the songs from Dragon Ball Z.

[1] as of this writing, it's 32. (the post was written during 2008, the time Go-Onger was on)
[2] Due mostly from Power Rangers, by Cartoon Network Philippines and Bankee Trading's bad influence.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Last Song official movie poster

Taken from The Last Song Official Facebook. What do you think??
Movie is set to release on April 2nd, 2010 in USA.

Credits and Thanks to Disneystars1

Monday, November 16, 2009

Shinkenger VS Go-Onger announced!

The next Sentai Teamup will happen next year... it's Samurai Sentai Shinkenger VS Go-Onger, to be released in Japanese Cinemas on Jan. 30, 2010. that would fall on the almost end of Shinkenger.

This is the 2nd time a Sentai Teamup has been shown in Japanese Cinemas, the 1st being Engine Sentai Go-Onger VS Gekiranger his year. In this new teamup, There will be a Hyper Go-On Red. Could this mean that Go-On Red might use KyoryuMaru? or an exclusive movie-only powerup for him? we'll see on Jan. 30 to find out!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Stitch! ~Itazura Alien no DaiBouken~ OP

I know this isn't regarding Toku or Disney Celebs, but it's still Disney Channel, and it airs on the home of Super Hero Time: TV Asahi. here's the OP to Stitch! ~Itazura Alien no DaiBouken~ which I find it cool, and on the fact that it's on TV Asahi, it's even cooler.

Now if only Hannah Montana would air on TV Asahi after Fresh PreCure, it would be even cooler. XD

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Updated re-release of "Miles to go"

As the cover states, it has a new chapter in it and recent updates by the time of the updated book's release. Who's off to buy it?

The release date is yet to be announced, but it's worth the wait, right?

Picture Credit and Thanks to All Your Disney Channel Needs

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Selena Gomez' reaction to her song being... No. 1!

Shocking for her? Believe it!

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Selena Gomez! Her song “Falling Down” hit the #1 spot for the FIRST TIME on Radio Disney’s “TOP 30 Countdown with Jake” this weekend. The BEST part was that Selena was on air when she heard the news, letting all of the listeners hear her very SHOCKED and excited reaction! “WHAT?! Are you kidding me?!” she screamed, “I never, ever had #1 and I listen to the countdown – thank you!” Listen to Selena get the news - Download the whole thing!!


Credits and Thanks to All Your Disney Channel Needs

Monday, November 2, 2009

Shoutouts from Disney Stars in DC Japan's 5th Anniversary

I know it's old but I decided to post it up since this year it's Disney Channel Japan's 5th anniversary... and what do you know! it's celebrating alongside the Pretty Cure Series' 5th anniversary and Kamen Rider's 10th Heisei anniversary! so here's some shoutouts.

WoWP trio:

Dylan and Cole Sprouse:

Demi Lovato:

Zac Efron:

Vanessa Hudgens:

and last but not the least, Miley Cyrus!

If their attempt to say Japanese words are not correct, forgive them! they're just human, like us.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

An old CM w/ Allisyn Arm!

This ad is for Hallmark, and this ad shows that cards still have the same old function: to make someone happy. here's Allisyn as a little sister of a College starter in the CM.