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Open letter/Challenge to Disney Stars

I had to open it up and will be there until the challenge is met/fulfilled.
You can read it here.

Update: Selena Gomez has already reached Japan as of Feb 2011, and Miley Cyrus has already reached the Philippines as of Jul 2011. Let's keep hoping for the others.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Hilary Duff!

It's already been 9 years since we first heard of this beautiful newcomer that time. she taught us the joys and pains of tween hood in Lizzie McGuire. she caught the heart of a Football-playing prince in A Cinderella Story. She brought her dreams to life in The Lizzie McGuire Movie. We all enjoyed her singing in her albums starting with Metamorphosis. She became an older sister in her own right in Cheaper by the Dozen 1 and 2.

Now, she's becoming her own, um, self in Gossip Girl. The girl we're talking about is Hilary Duff.

There's a lot of roles she did in her lifetime than any other teen star when she began at the age of 13. now, fast forward to this time, no other teen star has ever reached the pinnacle of what she has done. to date, she had a successor in the name of Miley Cyrus, who recently did what she did already years ago, and now, Miley's the same level as her. all because Miley admitted that Hilary was her idol, and the reason why Miley was there today, thanks to Hilary.

now at age 22, she's ready to go follow her contemporary Anne Hathaway with more challenges awaiting her. Hil has done the climb, and she's now in the top of the mountain of fame.

Hilary was the benchmark of teen star excellence for later teen stars like Miley, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and many others. in fact, Hil was the "good girl" of teen stars in her time before they have arrived to where Hil was today.

In fact, in celebration of Hil's b-day month, Disney Channel re-released Lizzie McGuire to a whole new audience to see what they've been missing about the girl that started it all.

So on your 22nd Birthday, cheers! Happy 22nd birthday, Hilary Duff.

Here's a fan video about her to celebrate her birthday:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Review of "The Time of our Lives"

This is my first review of an EP that I happen to stumble upon. This is a Walmart-exclusive EP made in conjunction with Miley Cyrus' clothing line, also another Walmart exclusive.

So let's check out the songs:

1) Kicking and Screaming: this song is originally a song by Ashlee Simspon and is a cover from Cyrus herself. The song is good but it has the angst from an old song of Hilary Duff's (just forgot what the song was). This song shows Miley's perfect emulation of the said song, right to the vocals.
Song rating: 4.5/5

2) Party in the U.S.A.: this song tells Miley's roots until she made it big in the entertainment industry. According to her, she said that it's an All-American song and represents where she came from, notably the state of Tennesee. the song also mentions Jay-Z and Britney Spears, two of her idols. (In the Teen Choice airing of this song, she mentioned Michael Jackson in the 2nd part of the song, ommiting Jay-Z and bringing Britney to the 1st part of the song) Oddly enough, it didn't mention her mentor/predecessor Hilary Duff. maybe no more space? XD

(Note: The song was also invloved in controversy due to Miley's "pole dancing" brouhaha in the Teen Choice '09 (see my opinion of it in a past post) but the music video makes up for the mistake. This song is also used in the CM for Miley's clothing line.)
Song rating: 4/5

3) When I look at You: The song actually gives an in love feeling in it. The said song will also be in the OST for "The Last Song", a movie adaption based on Nicholas Sparks' novel. The Music Video of it, which was leaked then later seen by October, shows her and fellow co-actor Liam Hensworth in scenes a bit reminiscent of Sparks' previous movie adaption, "The Notebook".
Finally this song sounds like a Celine Dion song, only younger.
Song rating: 5/5

4) Time of our Lives: A bit reminiscent of Hilary Duff's "Wake Up" but more of a tamer version of it. The song also has a reference to her Hannah Montana song "Life's what you make it" in the chorus. It kinda makes me remember Miley Stewart and Oliver Oken's friendship way before the dreaded Loliver romance.
Song rating: 4.5/5

5) Talk is Cheap: A catchy song comparable/equal to the song "The Math", only with a feeling of a fight scene of two best friends against lots of teen bullies. (I thought of that when this song was on, a reason for it XD) But the song kinda does show a mature side of Miley in this one. kinda.
Song rating: 5/5

6) Obsessed: Another ballad from Cyrus in this EP, it shows that when you're in love you end up, well, Obsessed. (That's why it's the title of the song) another masterpiece from Cyrus as she belts out the effects of loving someone to the point of thinking about him/her. The song feels like a Sheryl Crow song also. Now if only it was released as a single and a music video, too...

(Note: there was a rumor that the last line in the song in whispers says "Come back Nick", but Miley said she never wrote such a lyric in the song. if you hear carefully, she whispers "I want you".)
Song rating: 5/5

7) Before the Storm: Miley with Nick Jonas in it. need I say more?
Song rating: 4/5

Total average: 5/5

Well there you have it. the review of "Time of our Lives". a must get in your nearest Walmart. Highly recommended for all Miley fanatics.

Movie exclusive sentai mechs, part 1

Here's a list of sentai mechs exclusive to the movie releases. we'll start with the little ones.

Gao Kongu (Gaoranger)
Owner: Gao Red
Length: 24.5 m | Height: 28.0m
Weight: 1250 tons | PA #18
History: The power animal Gao Kong is from a volcano on an island in another dimension. Its Gao Jewel was formed when the two pieces of the ruby were joined on an alter during three simultaneous eclipses, and it was then awakened from the volcano. Gao Red gives him back to a princess named Iriya. Exclusive to the movie Fire Mountain Howls.

Gao Leon (Gaoranger)
Length: 37 m
Height: 21.5 m
Weight: 1150 tons
Power Animal #96
History: The ancient predecessors to the current Power Animals are part of GaoGod, which was destroyed 1000 years ago by Master Org. It is bascially gun-metal and chrome variation to GaoLion.

Gao Condor (Gaoranger)
Length: 35 m | Height: 43 m
Weight: 440 tons | PA #97
History: The ancient predecessors to the current Power Animals are part of GaoGod, which was destroyed 1000 years ago by Master Org.
Shamanism wisdom: Death, prophecy, love of the mother goddess, knowledge concerning the death of a loved one and purification.
Condors in Sentai History: Jetman (1991) and Gingaman (1998).

Gao SawShark (Gaoranger)
Length: 34 m
Height: 17 m
Weight: 800 tons
PA #98
History: The ancient predecessors to the current Power Animals are part of GaoGod, which was destroyed 1000 years ago by Master Org.

Gao Buffalo (Gaoranger)
Length: 38 m | Height: 28 m
Weight: 2000 tons | PA #99
History: The ancient predecessors to the current Power Animals are part of GaoGod, which was destroyed 1000 years ago by Master Org.
Buffalos in Sentai History: Liveman (1988)

Gao Jaguar (Gaoranger)
Length: 31 m | Height: 20 m
Weight: 750 tons | PA #100
History: The ancient predecessors to the current Power Animals are part of GaoGod, which was destroyed 1000 years ago by Master Org.
Shamanism Wisdom: Jaguar symbolizes great beauty and rebirth. It has close associations with the life force and the eternal feminine. It's powers can be used for benevolent purposes or sinister ones such as exacting revenge on an enemy.

Carnoryutus (Abaranger)
Alternate Spelling: Carnoryuutasu
Dinosaur: Carnotaurus

Chasmosealdon (Abaranger)
Dinosaur: Chasmosaurus

According to Dino Earth legend, these 'horrible' bakuryuu buried everything in snow. Fifteen thousand years ago, her soul was put in the Bakulaser and sealed the two bakuryuu. They were frozen in ice on an island and must never escape because they would condemn the planet to another ice age. The Evorian brought with them the iceberg a few years ago to our dimension and because of that, they have awoken. Carnoryutus and Chasmosealdon swam all the way to Earth causing ravage. The other bakuryuu were defiantly scared of them and fought them. Carnoryutus had the power to freeze things and froze Paki, Dime, Para, and Ankylo. They were destroyed by all the Bakuryuu collectively. Appears in the movie only. Bakureno appears in an episode.

BLAST BUGGY (Dekaranger)
In the movie, DekaBreak is sent to Planet Leslie. When the Dekaranger teleport to Leslie to fight Vulgar in his Killer Tank, DekaBreak arrives to the rescue in the Blast Buggy. He explains that he found it on the DekaBase on that planet. It became the arms of the Dekarangerrobo.
Dimensions: 34.6 meters long, 24.0 meters tall, 24.0 meters wide, weighs in at 2000 tons, and can travel at 600 km/h.

Unigolon (Magiranger)
Alternative Spelling: Unikirion
Height: 35 m
Length: 69.3 m (13 meters longer than Valkyrion)
Width: 21 m
Unigolon can travel through dimensions and is capable of entering the Infreshia's underworld. They befriend this Unicorn Majuu in the movie. He appears in the Heavenly Great Hall after Magiel approves of the siblings. Lunagel tells them he used to belong to Bragel, their father. Kai rides out of Magitopia on Unigolon and flies down to Hades. He faces Wolzard and blindsights him with a fire attack and goes on to save Yamazaki. Unigolon shoots out a ball of light from his horn that MagiRed kicks and breaks the spell over Yamazaki.

Rin Lion (Gekiranger)
Height: 22.8m | Width: 15.6m | Length: 51.4m | Weight: 1200 tons
Speed: 600 km/hr | Power Output: 1300
Rio's RinBeast that forms the upper body armor and sword for GekiRinTohja. RinLion's huge body is used to rush at an enemy hitting it with heavy attacks, along with use of its fangs and Blade Tail. It can also fire Rinki from its mouth in a Ringi called "Lion's Roar." Its aura form was first seen in Episode 4. It is seen in various episodes in Rio's attacks. It is seen in its physical episode in Episodes 33 and 47.

Rin Chameleon (Gekiranger)
Height: 5.2m | Width: 10.0m
Length: 16.3m | Weight: 200 tons
Speed: 500 km/hr | Power Output: 200
It is Mele's RinBeast and it forms a rope-gun that attaches to GekiRinTohja's left arm. RinChameleon can cloak itself and can extends its tongue to wrap around the opponent, with a Ringi called 'Bind Firmly.' The only time it appears in the show is Episode 33 and 47. They had formed GekiRinTouja twice, SaiDaiGekiRinTouja once, and GekiRinToujaWolf in 'Gekiranger vs. Boukenger.'

Retsu-Taka (Go-Onger)
He is a hybrid between a racecar and a falcon. His name means "Burning Falcon." He comes from the samurai World of the Frame Dimension. He is similar to Speedor. He and his comrades form Engine Dai-Shogun. His other form is the Flame-People leader. First appeared in Engine Sentai Go-onger: Boom Boom! Bang Bang! GekijoBang!! Speedor's soul entered its cast in Episode 40.

Shishi-no-Shin (Go-Onger)
He is a hybrid of a bus and a lion. His name means "Moving Lion." He comes from the samurai World of the Frame Dimension. He is similar to Buson. He and his comrades form Engine Dai-Shogun. His other form is a Flame-People Warrior, a humanoid. First appeared in the movie. Bus-On's soul entered its cast in Episode 40.

Tsuki-no-Wa (Go-Onger)
She is a hybrid of a black bear and a 4WD Truck. Her name means "Cresent Moon." She comes from the Samurai World of the Frame Dimension. She is similar to BearRV. She and her comrades form Engine Dai-Shogun. Her other form is the only woman amongst the Flame-People. First appeared in the movie. Bear RV's soul entered its cast in Episode 40.

Kyoryu Origami (Shinkenger)
A crimson dinosaur support Origami based on the Sauropoda that is normally in the form of the Kyoryumaru, a Shinkenmaru-like weapon, used by the first Shinken Red. The Kyoryumaru's blade is capable extending over long distances. Premieres in the movie and officially premieres on the show in Episode 31.

Well that's the mechs in disconnected form, but more to come.

Info and pics credits: Super Sentai Time Capsule

Friday, September 25, 2009

If this was real...

From just the fanmade ad itself, it kinda looks real. If that was to happen, it'll be called "Obsessed by Miley Cyrus". you know, from the makers of "With Love... by Hilary Duff". If that was to be made.

Two for the price of one this weekend.

Today on Rescue Fire 1-X debuts. he resembles a bit like Knight Fire from Solbrain with a hint of AbareMax from Abaranger. Tomorrow, The Kyoryu Origami from the Shinkenger movie "The Fateful War" makes it's first TV appearance.

Now that's two time the toku overload for the price of one!

Tomica Hero Rescue Fire: later @ 7 am JST on TV Tokyo
Samurai sentai Shinkenger: tomorrow @ 6:30 am JST on TV Asahi

Wizards on Deck w/ Hannah DVD rip download!


Part 1
Wizards of Waverly Place S02 E25 - Cast Away

Part 2
The Suite Life On Deck S01 E21 - Double Crossed

Part 3
Hannah Montana S03 E20 - Superstitious Girl


Part 1
Wizards of Waverly Place S02 E25 - Cast Away

Part 2
The Suite Life On Deck S01 E21 - Double Crossed

Part 3
Hannah Montana S03 E20 - Superstitious Girl

Special thanks to DD365

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"The Last Song" Book download!

It's kinda weird, I thought for one it's a movie in itself... only to realize it's a book too. oh well, if you want to familiarize yourself to the movie's story next year, read it first.

3 versions are in the download: Adobe PDF, HTML and LIT versions.

Lizzie McGuire episode downloads! part 2

Here's season 2, Like I said. again, credits to the original uploaders. (not me, of course)


Lizzie McGuire episode downloads!

In celebration of Lizzie's comback to Disney Channel after 3 years, here's episodes from the show. to start off, here's season one.

Credits to the original uploaders. Season 2 in a few minutes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My two cents about Miley's "pole dancing".

Well, as a fellow supporter, I know it's been a month when it happened. that bit of controversy. that thing they called "in bad taste". well, what am I saying? it's about the boo-boo in the Teen Choice '09, during the performance of "Party in the USA" which the song itself was cool.

If you guys still don't get what I mean, It's Miley Cyrus' "Pole dancing".

To me, she just got off-balance. boys might/may have liked it. others hated it. critics bashed it. some called her a slut or sorts. to me, I liked it, and it wasn't a bad thing because I believed she just lost balance by accident. not to mention haters/opponents of her said she looked like a stripper. to me, it's just the way she dressed for the performance, and I don't find it bad, Might as well say she's well, a bit hot.

Weird thing is that her daddy, country singer Billy Ray, liked her performance. I mean, it's coming from a father of a 16-year old teen sensation. and yet he likes it? woah. now that's what I call a thumbs-up from a parent.

This is now past. forget about it. I'm just giving my two cents regarding this controversy that I bet many boys (either her age, under her age or early 20-somethings) took advantage of. get over it!

she maybe doing stuff the wrong way to some, but if Hilary Duff was to see this, she might be either impressed or not. but that's another story. (She's in her 20's now, so no clue.)

(Closing note: it would have been better if she did it to the tune of Paradiso Girls' "Patron Tequila" than that song, don't you think? XD)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ultraman Tiga: Where's My Money?

This is hilarious. my 2nd Ultraman post but this is funny!

Enjoy. because you might owe Tiga money!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ultramen can be funny, too.

Here's my first ever Ultraman post here. and it's kinda funny!

Enjoy this compilation found in Youtube. now who says the Ultramen can just fight?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tomorrow, Lizzie comes home to Disney Channel

Tomorrow starting @ 1:35 to 4:00 pm/12:35 to 3:00 pm central, Lizzie McGuire will finally come home to Disney Channel after a 3-year absence from the channel. there will be five episodes of the hit series that made Hilary Duff a star in her own right and after that, 6 Hannah Montana episodes will air afterward, and to end the day, a dual DCOM airing of Princess Protection Program and Hatching Pete.

There will be other airings of Lizzie McGuire for the rest of the month:
Sept. 16: 4 to 6 PM/3 to 5 pm central
Sept. 21: same time as Sept. 16
Sept. 27: same time as Sept. 21

Tomorrow, this is known as the following:
"The Lizzie meets Hannah day"
"The Lizzie and Hannah get-together day"
and so on.

Lizzie, welcome back to your Disney Channel family.

Special thanks to Fox214 from

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Disney took Marvel, and now this.

Well Disney bought Marvel Enterprises, and just recently they bought Wideload Games, the makers of the Halo game series for the Xbox. looks like The Walt Disney Family is growing bit by bit. I'm just waiting the day they buy Toei Company (or at least own half of it) to bring Tokusatsu to everywhere in the world... (Excluding you, Power Rangers. you did too much damage.)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kamen Rider W opening video

The opening is catchy, so I'm now seeing interest after seeing the premiere episode. The song is sang by Aya Kamiki with TAKUYA.

Miley & Mandy's new vid- Doo Da Doo Bracelets

Enjoy this randomness they built while they do this giveaway.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gift of a Friend MP4 download!

credits to

Kamen Rider W (Double)... STARTS TODAY!!!

Later on Super Hero Time, two people will start saving the day as one. Kamen Rider W, the new entry in the Kamen Rider Franchise, premieres today @ 8 am JST only on TV Asahi!

The series is a bit inspired by Kamen Rider Kuuga and Kikaider. The head kinda reminds me of KR BLACK, though... XD