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Open letter/Challenge to Disney Stars

I had to open it up and will be there until the challenge is met/fulfilled.
You can read it here.

Update: Selena Gomez has already reached Japan as of Feb 2011, and Miley Cyrus has already reached the Philippines as of Jul 2011. Let's keep hoping for the others.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Delena Reunion!

Last night, March 25, 2011, former BFFs Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez caught up over dinner! Selena Tweeted the photo above and Demi Re-Tweeted it, along with writing:
"Fun dinner with @selenagomez"
The two haven’t spent time together in quite a while, but it looks as if they might have a strong future ahead of them!

Do you think Selena and Demi will continue to spend time together on a regular basis? Or, do you think this was a one time thing?

Source: Disney Dreaming via HM Disney Stars

Next on Goukaiger: Jan, Shafu and Gao/Shinken Goukaioh?

Before it airs tomorrow, I'm showing you what to expect on the 6th Gokaiger episode which will focus on Luka (I really think she is one of the prettiest ranger) and soon-to-be Gokaiger’s Gattai with GaoLion. Gekiranger episode is entitled Niki! Niki! Training Kenpo!

Reprising their roles as Jan/GekiRed and Master Xia Fu (Sha Fu)Navi (the irritating bird) asks our Gokai team to find a Tiger Boy and for the treasure of Wisdom. After a failed battle with the main enemy, Doc and Ahim falls a group that teaches Kung-Fu or to be exact Kenpo Lessons then later meets Jan and Xia Fu to prepare.

We now have photos of the Gokai machine combining with GaoLion. GaoLion will take GokaiOh's legs and arms with its chest having the GaoLion. There is also a hint that this new formation will include some Shinkenger origami mechas. To add, this formation will be called ShinkenGokaiOh. This Gattai form will retain the ShinkenOh’s kanji.

artist rendition only

Credits to FireStarter

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Delena reconnection on Twitter!

Demi and Selena had a major twitter moment this passed weekend! When Demi tweeted a pic of herself riding a roller coaster in Disney, Sel tweeted: "@ddlovato hahaha flashback!! Oh god times!" But Demi's response was the sweetest of all:

Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle update, plus story background!

Just recently, more info about the upcoming Super Sentai 35th Anniversary film,Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle has just been released and it seems that they are going to the Super Sentai Great War route!

Many years after the legend war, Zangyack came back to attack the Earth. The Gokaigers head out to fight them. While they fight, 5 Ranger Keys are stolen a group of mysterious people. These mysterious people were no other than the Gosei Angels: Alata, Eri, Agri, Mone and Hyde. They immediately transform into the Goseigers. The Gokaigers and Goseigers starts fighting for the GoseiKnight Ranger Key. However, suddenly the Black Cross King appears.

The Black Cross King, a being who fought against the first Super Sentai team, Himitsu Sentai Goranger before with the Black Cross Army, at that time, he was called the Black Cross Führer. He has been revived because of his grudge against the Super Sentai teams, and likewise is raising other old villains from hell to oppose them.

Alata, infiltrating the Gokai Galleon and trying to steal the GoseiKnight Ranger Key. Not very angelic, Alata!

But before Alata can get his hands on the GoseiKnight Ranger Key, the Rangers were transported into various "spaces" by their enemies in which they encounter various villains and one of those is...

Brajira, who appears in front of them and declares himself as: The Messiah Brajira of the Resurrection, who was revived thanks to the powers of the Black Cross King and dons the Black Cross Army belt upon his waist. Now he is after Alata and Captain Marvelous. Asides from Brajira, other lead villains that were revived includes Go-onger's Crime Minister Yogoshimakuritain andMagiranger's Hades God Dagon

Meanwhile, Agri, Moune, Joe and Luka were transported in the Edo Period.

On top-left: GokaiRed vs. BoukenRed and Mega Red; On bottom-left: GokaiPink shooting Battle France and Battle Kenya and on the right: Super GoseiRed evading the JAKQ who is about to perform the JAKQ Koback! Could this mean the start of the Great Super Sentai War?!

In this film, we will also see a different angle of the first episode's Legend War. Signalman, BlackKnight (BullBlack after Hyuuga took over), MagiMother, Wolzard Fire, ShikenRed (Kaoru Chiba), DekaMaster, DekaSwan, Zubaan, Mele and Rio also participated along with Big One and Aka Ranger.

The debut of this killer weapon, the Super Sentai Bazooka which is a tradition of the franchise's history of team bazooka finishers!

Due to this film's filming being postponed, it is not sure if Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle will still premiere on the May 21 release date.

Source: dukemon22Henshin Justice Unlimited via Orends: Range

Monday, March 21, 2011

Miley's Parents call off the divorce!

Good news for the Cyrus family today! Miley's parents have decided to call off their divorce and are working on reuniting their family. Billy Ray Cyrus spilled in an interview that he "wants to put his family back together." Miley's dad also revealed that "things are the best they've ever been" and that he and Miley are super close again saying, "I feel like we are the daddy and daughter that we were before Hannah Montana happened." We're so happy to hear that they've worked things out and that they're continuing to be a supportive family to one another.

Credits: HM Disney Stars

Friday, March 18, 2011

Toku heroes tweets to the children!

Because of the disaster that strucked Japan last March 11, a lot of kids are left traumatized with what happened. That is why, Teruaki Ogawa who is best known as Ninja Sentai Kakuranger's Sasuke aka Ninja Red created a Twitter account called, @tokusatsuhero in which past and present actors from various tokusatsu shows such as Kamen Rider, Ultraman and Super Sentai posted in character to encourage the kids to stand up and face the future. Here are some of the tweets coming from this account. Will try to update this post as occasionally as possible as more of the translations of their tweets pop-up.


“The sun will always rise. The night will not last forever. Daybreak will come and the sun will once again rise! Knowing that we must hold our hopes high no matter the circumstances and press forward! I’ve got your back! Taiyou Sentai SunVulcan ゚+.(ノ。・ω・)ノ*。hyohyo~☆゚・:*☆" - VulPanther, Asao Kobayashi

"Now is a very difficult and painful time for us all but in times of this severity it is important to put on a smile. Your smile will be able to help many people. Things may be bleak but let's all work hard with a smile together!" - Red Turbo, Riki Hono

“Every individual is capable of doing something, no matter how big or small that thing is. Therefor we should all try and do what we can. If we do that, it will certainly become something much greater than anyone of us individually. Even if you are alone, please give out you help, give you support, give your strength. Everyone’s feelings are the same. The consciousness of everyone on the entire planet is unmistakably moving together now." - Ryuu Ranger, Tenkasei Ryo/Keiichi Wada

“Boys make sure you are kind to the girls! Girls take a look at your dad and mom and give them your best smile! Us adult’s source of power is seeing the smiles and kindness of others! We are giving it our best efforts to protect everyone! Let’s overcome these times together!" - Kirin Ranger, Tenjisei Kazu

“It’s fine even if you don’t listen to our words. I just want you to believe in yourselves, believe in the people around you, believe that there will always be a new morning. That is what I will believe in." - Ninja Red, Sasuke

“Even during the most story of day, beyond the clouds, the sun is always shining brightly through a blue sky! Never give up!" - Red Racer, Kyosuke.Jinnai

“Hello everyone, this is GingaRed, Ryouma! Everyone alright? It was scary huh? Us heroes are supporting you all who are working so hard. Alriiight, brother Hyuuga, Hayate, Gouki, Hikaru, Saya! Let’s cheer everyone on so they can do their best! ‘Ready everyone? Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Hey everyone, it’s GoRed/Matoi Tatsumi! People’s lives are the future of the earth! Let’s work hard with our burning rescue spirit!! Firstly in this time of disaster and confusion you should what you can. If you do what you are able, what you can do calmly, anyone can be a hero! It’s all about the fighting spirit!Fighting Spirit! – GoRed!”

“Good morning. Today is Thursday, March 17th. Everyone is rooting for you. Everyone is protecting you. “Never give up”! That means to hang in there. I’ll be back, so keep at it." - GaoBlack

“Let’s all get through this. A lot of power is being gathered today, even if it’s little by little! This is the time for everyone to come together. ☆ Don’t give up! All of us are by your side, you know!" - GaoWhite, Sae Taiga/Mio Takeuchi

“Good morning everyone! We were able to get through the dark, cold night. That’s great! Currently, lots of super heroes are going up against it all. So hang in there just a little longer! Don’t lose! Never give up! Red and the others are working as quickly as they can! From the Gaorangers’ big sis, Tetom.”

Three! Investigating using futuristic technology! Sen-chan here, hello…┏(_◇_;)┓~concentrate~. My arms have gone numb after standing on them for too long!☆ Hoji, Jasmine and Boss have also come here, so look out for them!" -DekaGreen, Sen-chan

“Something really terrible has happened. If it would mean that you could all laugh loudly again, we’d be there as soon as we could, but for now, we can’t… All I can say is that I hope you can please, help the people around you, so that you can all make it through this together. We may be separated, but we’re looking out for you." - DekaYellow, Jasmine/Kinoshita Ayumi

“Hello. DekaBreak, Tetsu here. With Boss and my seniors I am protecting the Earth. Thanks for always supporting us. I’m going to try my best too." -DekaBreak, Tetsu/Tomokazu Yoshida

“This is Swan from Dekaranger. Let’s cheer up and work together, I’ll work hard too. You kids are strong, you can do it!" - Swan Shiratori

“Oooof! Green Ground! Everyone’s big brother! It’s big brother MagiGreen Makito! Even if you can’t eat any Big Brother Salad right now, trust your family. There is no night without a dawn! Overflowing courage changes into magic!Maaji Maji Magiiro!" - MagiGreen, Makito Ozu

“You see, this is the final lesson. So far we have been supporting our friends and protecting world peace. You see? The time has come for you to become a hero. Courage becomes magic. It’s ok! We are always by your side." -MagiShine, Hikaru

“Everyone can become a hero, you just have to help and encourage the people around you. A smile is a powerful thing☆" - BoukenYellow, Natsuki

“I’m Jan! Everyone work hard! If you are in sad sad, the people around you will also be sad sad but if you are help help, others will help help too!! Cheer up! Combine your power and do good!" - GekiRed, Jan Kandou

“Is everyone ok? The earthquake was scary huh? But now is the time where we all need to combine our powers!! Don’t be down, let’s use our fantastic technique of a smile to bring smiles on others!" - GekiBlue, Retsu Fukami

“To everyone: That was scary and frightening, wasn’t it? We need to help each other in these times, make compromises, and do our best by combining our strength. Cheer up!!" - GekiYellow, Ran

“Fight!!! Everyone is here for you, so it’s alright. Your feelings become support for others! ‘One for all and all for one’. Let’s go and try to work together with our neighbors and talk things over with as many people as we can! Our feelings are incredibly strong!" - GekiViolet, Gou Fukami

“Osu! To all the boys, if any of you are crying, I hope that you can feel better! To the girls, I’d like to see your happy faces again! Your spirits will surely give the people around you courage! Don’t give up and let’s all do our best!!" -GekiChopper, Ken Hisatsu

“Everyone, please cheer up! Even though times are tough now, the day where we can all be happy again will come. The day the world can sparkle will definitely come*! My brother and I will do our best to fight for you all!" - Go-OnSilver
*Kirakira sekai is Go-OnSilver’s post henshin line.

“Please don’t give up guys…! If you never give up, it will eventually work out for you! We Goseiger continued to fight on so long believing in those words. Us heroes will definitely protect this planet! Protecting the earth is an angel’s duty! Skyick Storm Power, GoseiRed!”

“A fan drew this picture for us! You can do it, everyone!! Eeeveryone eeeveryone is on your side! (^^)" - GoseiPink, Eri/Rika Sato

"From GokaiRed, Captain Marvelous
I'm the Gokaiger Captain Marvelous!
You guys are suffering. You probably want to cry.
But you guys have some great people near you.
That's your mom, your dad, everyone who's helping you, everyone who's near you now!
Everyone is fighting with all their strength for you!
Don't say don't cry! But the feeling of wanting to save someone comes from having a strong heart!
You guys have a great power!
It'll definitely be ok!"
Note: This came from Ryouta Ozawa's blog, I decided to place it since it is related


“Children, please endure these tough times just a little bit longer. Please, keep it up. Just remember that us heroes will always be by your side." - Kotaro Minami

“Even now we are continuing the fight. The enemy is an even greater threat than Golgom or Crisis, the ferociousness of nature. Even so, we wont lose! Let’s all fight together, we can’t lose!" - Kotaro Minami

“To all the children, I have a message from Godai (who is in another country at the moment) that he wanted me to pass on to you guys. The rain will eventually clear and become a clear sky*! Even now, on the other side of those clouds are the ever stretching blue skies! Please give it your all and never give up!" -Sakurako Sawatari
*literally says ‘Aozora ni naru!’/Kuuga ed theme.

“Just like Kuuga, you guys also have the power to be kind and protect other people. Due the current severity of the times, it’s especially important to be considerate to each other. Be strong kids!" - Kaoru Ichijou

“If we all work our hardest now, a brighter day awaits us. My fortunes are always correct!" - Kamen Rider Raia, Miyuki Tezuka

Do what we can. Each and everyone has that ability. “Even if the strength of a single person is small, if we all combine our strengths, there is no wall which we cannot climb. No matter how hard it is, someone will always hold out their hand to you. That’s the world that we wanted to create." - Kamen Rider Zolda, Shuuichi Kitaoka

“Kenzaki! Where are you? Your strength is needed now! We need to fight together for the sake of the people! for the sake of the earth!" - Kamen Rider Chalice, Hajime Aikawa

“^ Hajime, you must protect the things that are around you and I will do the same for those around me, that is how we can work together. Even though we are separated the things we need to protect are the same, so we must keep on standing up to defend them! Good luck over there" - Kamen Rider Blade, Kazuma Kenzaki
(It's official, Hajime and Kenzaki are indeed bros. I cried manly tears reading it.)

“To the boys and girls of this disaster. I’m sure things are painful for you right now. If it is hard on you, you should know that crying is ok. You don’t have to hold in your tears. However, you must keep your mind/spirit strong. If you show your strong self, surely that will help the people around you. I also have to keep strong. shu~*" - Kamen Rider Hibiki
*sfx for hibiki’s signature wrist spin gesture

“The earth really shook, didn’t it? I just made it, it was the work of us Makamou. This time the power of the demons cannot defeat us! Only the power of your laughing voices… If I say this much you’ll understand, right? Just try to defeat me." - Douji

“Look up. Because when you look down, you’ll just get uneasy and remember bad things. Don’t worry, we’ll protect you. Kamen Rider Kabuto’s Tendou Souji, Mizushima Hiro. To all parents out there: It may be tough, but keep your kids brave. I’m supporting you.”

“Dear readers, have you been able to sleep at all? You must be scared and nervous huh? but you should know that one is alone in this. Ryotaro, Yuuto, Momo and the rest of the guys are all fighting right now with all their might to protect this country. Don’t forget that everyone will always have friends. To the adults, please help to comfort the children!" - Hana/Yuriko Shiratori
Note: This is adult Hana, not Kohana!

“Never ever give up! Grab hold and protect the people who you love with your own two hands! Let me tell you this to start! You are all quite con~sid~era~tely strong!" - Kamen Rider Zeronos, Yuuto Sakurai

“Can anyone hear me? It’s Ryotaro Nogami. I’d like to hurry over and help but currently, Momo, our group and I are fighting in a different time, so we will probably be a bit late. So until then, I’ll leave that time to you guys. Let’s fight together!" - Ryotaro Nogami, Takeru Sato

"It really sucks... It's really scary.... It's really painful... But y'know... you gotta hang in there, and survive this! Because that's what leads to the future! You gotta get there!" - Momotaros

"This message goes out now, to those of you who survived. We, NEVER, are on our way to you. For now, endure. For one time only, both NEVER and Kamen Rider Eternal, will help you. We're brining all our Gaia Memories with us. Hang in there!" - Kamen Rider Eternal, Daido Katsumi

"You guys okay? Shotaro and Phillip and Ryu are all fighting to help you all. Have faith in Kamen Riders, in your heroes! Now, count up your courage! Good luck everyone!" - Akiko Narumi

"Today I, Eiji Hino, and Ankh are fighting the Yummy! We're in a far-off place right now, so just hang in there!"
Note: It came from Shu Watanabe's blog, I decided to place it since it is related


"We will help protect the planet and everyone on it. So please rest easy. Fujimiya, it's time to get to business! GAIAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" - Ultraman Gaia, Gamu Takayama

"You've all done well up until now! Things may be difficult even from now but only you can help the people who are around you. You have a power that even we cannot match! That is the finishing attack known as a smile! Even if it's hard now, someday you will be able to save people too!" - Ultraman Agul, Hiroya Fujimiya

"People who smile become full of power. With that power you can surely stand back up. Don't forget your smiles!" - Ultraman Mebius, Mirai Hibino/Shunji Igarashi

"Yo! This is Ultraman Zero! How is everyone doing? Right now is a tough time and you may all be dealing with a lot but don't ever accept losing to the pain! You guys are all allies of Ultimate Force Zero! We need to all do our best so we can protect our families and our precious children! This is our LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

“Even when you in a crisis, never give up! If you do that surely and opportunity will arise! Right now we need to wipe away the minus power that is tearing into Japan!" - Mirror Knight


“To everyone who suffered damage: I think you’re probably cold and suffering but huddle together and keep going! Smiles are powerful, kind and shining things. If you fall down, stand back up and become stronger than before!" -Space Sheriff Sharivan, Iga Den/Hiroshi Watari


“You’re not forgetting everyone’s smiles? In troubled times you have to smile! Eeeveryone on Earth is cheering for you! You can do it!" - Riser Kageri

“Did you forget to smile? It’s because it’s tough that we have to smile. The whole world is supporting us, everyone let’s work hard!”
Note: Both messages came from Emiko Sato, the suit actress for both Riser Kageri and Sazer Velsou

"Is everyone ok!? For now just be safe! The Super Star Fleet is on its way to your Earth!! There are a lot of heroes working hard on Earth, but now we need your power!! Everyone join forces and hang in there!! Then you can make a great future!!" - Eagle Sazer

"Cheer up, everyone! There are a lot of heroes in Japan. We Sazer X are cheering you guys on from the future! It's ok! We know you guys can get through this difficult time." - Beetle Sazer

"I'm proud to be able to fight alongside all of these heroes. When we work together we can oppose and overcome any difficulty. Seeing this, even you can join with everyone and stick it through!! The heroes are looking forward to seeing your smiles!!" - Eagle Sazer/Sazer Tragos (Kazuhiko Tai)

The thread still continues on 4chan's /m/ thread as past and present actors are posting their messages in their superhero selves. In case you are still doubtful of its legitimacy, Asami Kai aka MagiBlue/Urara Ozu from Mahou Sentai Magiranger posted about this in her blog and if you still can't believe it, Yousuke Ito aka DekaGreen/Sen-chan from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger talked about it in his blog! Asides from that, some actors retweeted it in their respective Twitter accounts and if my memory serves me correctly, Hiro Mizushima retweeted his "Tendou" status in his official Twitter!

Special thanks to Over-Time for arranging the tweets in order! post courtesy of Orends: Range