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Open letter/Challenge to Disney Stars

I had to open it up and will be there until the challenge is met/fulfilled.
You can read it here.

Update: Selena Gomez has already reached Japan as of Feb 2011, and Miley Cyrus has already reached the Philippines as of Jul 2011. Let's keep hoping for the others.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Frankie Jonas!

Cute? yes. Adorable? totally. Bonus? Not so much.

For this little bundle of cuteness, you can't say no to Frankie "the Bonus" Jonas. as the youngest of the all-sibling 3-man band The Jonas Brothers, he may not have a big role in celebrity society but he knows how to whip it up good.

He sometimes shows up in JONAS/JONAS LA (his recent being JONAS LA ep. 9, Direct To Video where he is paired up with Nicole Gale Anderson, check my previous post about the episode) as the character Frankie Lucas, and became a protag in the US Dub of Ponyo on the Cliff on the Sea (opposite Noah Cyrus) as Sousuke, and also shows up as Trevor in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. Camp Rocker Anna Maria Perez de Tagle managed to tweet a Happy Birthday tweet for Frankie. (tweet @

Well you may just be little but great things await you... at least before you become a teenager that is. Happy 10th Birthday Frankie!

New OOO Scans!

OOO TaToBa: Look, more scans!

Here's the first scan wave for Kamen Rider OOO! In this special, we will feature two pure forms, and more Yummys!

GataKiraBa (Gata = Stag Beetle, Kira = Mantis, Ba = Grasshopper) Combo! And it looks pretty sharp!

A possible look of GataKiraBa's finisher! Is it me, or it reminded me of W LunaJoker's finisher with the multiplication and all?

RaToraTah (Ra = Lion, Tora = Tiger, Tah = Cheetah) Combo! And below, we saw him fighting Shark Yummy!

According to this scan, OOO transformed into RaToraTah Combo 800 years ago to fight the Greeeds. Aside from that, Mezuru seems to look different.

The Yummys from right to left! Mantis Yummy, Cat Yummy, Bison Yummy, Piranha Yummy and Shark Yummy.

Credits: Orends: Range

Kamen Rider W Special CD Box Direct Download

[Album] Kamen Rider W Special CD Box

[Album] Kamen Rider W Special CD Box
195 Music Files
Size: Approx 160 MB each (RAR) | Approx 170 MB each (Extracted)
Download via MediaFire:
Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3 Disc 4 Disc 5 Disc 6
*Thanks to Aklaid and kinamoto for the rip/upload*

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kamen Rider 555 Final Call Complete CD BOX Direct Download

Kamen Rider 555 Final Call Complete CD-Box

Kamen Rider 555 Final Call Complete CD-Box
5 Discs w/ 206 Music Files + Scans
Size: Approx 130 MB each (RAR) | Approx 140 MB each (Extracted)
Download via MegaUpload:
*Credit goes to Go-On Black for the rip/upload*

Sonny with a Chance OST Tracklist

1. Me, Myself and Time - Demi Lovato
2. Hanging - Sterling Knight
3. Kiss Me - Tiffany Thornton
4. What To Do - Demi Lovato
5. How We Do This - Sterling Knight
6. Work of Art - Demi Lovato
7. Come Down With Love - Allstar Weekend
8. Sure Feels Like Love - Tiffany Thornton
9. So Far So Great - (Theme Song to Sonny With a Chance) Demi Lovato

Credits to All Your Disney Channel Needs

Demi hurt by Joe having Ashley Greene in his life?

Could life be any more uncomfortable for Demi Lovato right now?

It's bad enough that she has to perform on tour with her ex, Joe Jonas. But to make matters worse he brought his new flame — Twilight star Ashely Greene — along for the ride (yep, the same one he ditched his purity ring for)!

Demi's handling the situation surprisingly well, though. "I think there's a certain level of respect that's lost when that happens, but you can't do anything about it other than to just keep going and be glad you have someone in your life that you can think about and spend your time with," she told HollywoodLife.

Credits to HM Disney Stars for the info.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kamen Rider W Forever OST direct download

Kamen Rider W FOREVER: A to Z/Gaia Memory of Fate OST

Kamen Rider W FOREVER: A to Z/Gaia Memory of Fate OST
42 Music Files
Size: 78 MB (ZIP) | 85 MB (Extracted)
Download via MegaUpload
*Credit goes to Yozakura for the upload*
Pass: Hannes

Sentai Seasons with Asian Themes

For some reason, I would like to consider Hikari Sentai Maskman as the first Asian-themed Sentai. Why? Well the whole theme focused on Asian martial arts. It mixed both Chinese and Japanese fighting styles. This was pretty popular among Filipino fans, which has caused many Filipinos to demand Super Sentai back.

Gosei Sentai Dairanger instead of using Japanese themes, used Chinese themes in almost all the stuff from suits to mecha to the enemies instead of Japanese themes for some reason. In fact, Ryou is the first Sentai red ranger to be half-Chinese seeing that his father was Zhang Liao and his mother was a Japanese woman. Some of its footage was used for MMPR Season 2. It somewhat paid tribute to Maskman with chi power and extreme martial arts. Also, it was the first show in Super Sentai to feature a child ranger in Kou. I think that Chinese themes were used because of the popularity of Hong Kong cinema.

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger used Japanese themes instead of Chinese themes. It also battled the supernatural based on Japanese myths as well. Footage from this show was used during MMPR Season 3 and for the mini-series Alien Rangers which was part of MMPR Season 3.

Ninpou Sentai Hurricanger is the second ninja-themed Super Sentai. It was for me a fusion of Kakuranger and Liveman. Liveman in a sense of the first three members, betrayal, redemption and mecha. It also got its ninja theme from Kakuranger but that was just it. This was adapted into the lighthearted Power Rangers Ninja Storm where an Asian sensei trains Americans to be ninjas.

Juken Sentai Gekiranger was the second to use Chinese themes, this time to even pay tribute to famous Hong Kong stars with the Sky Fist Saints. Unlike Dairanger, this show wasn't that serious while keeping itself realistic. Unfortunately its American adaptation Jungle Fury suffered from bad writing from Bruce Kalish who's better off with writing other cartoons that he did well.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger is the latest Asian themed Super Sentai and first to be samurai-themed and second to focus on Japanese myths. While this was said to be unadaptable by many, they IGNORE the other shows above. How will the PR adaptation turn out? Looks like I'll just have to wait. This show IMO also gave me Maskman nostalgia.

Commentary courtesy of Sean Akizuki's Sentai Blog.

Selena Gomez Debuts Dream Out Loud “Trick or Treat For UNICEF” T-Shirt

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Read what Selena had to say about the unique shirt and the great cause it helps support below.

"Hey Everyone– I hope your enjoying the line and some cool back to school outfits for the fall. I have a new collectible tee shirt that you can add to your collection and at the same time you help save kids lives all over the world. When you buy my Dream Out Loud “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” tee from September 15th to October 31st, 2010 K-Mart will donate 100% of the net proceeds to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. As you know UNICEF is an amazing organization that helps kids with food, water, shelter, and medicine. So I hope you’ll show your support by wearing your tee and spreading the word. Together we can make this the best Trick or Treat for UNICEF ever."

Credits to HM Disney Stars

Suite Life Movie now on production!

SuiteLife3.jpgHere's great news for all you Suite Life on Deck fans: the cast--Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Brenda Song, Debby Ryan and Phill Lewis (the always-funny Mr. Moseby)--will begin filming The Suite Life Movie this month!
In the movie, Cody and Zack participate in a hi-tech research project that allows them to share thoughts, feelings and even sensations, but the experiment ends up being more dangerous than anyone could have imagined!

Credits to HM Disney Stars for the news.

Miley got in a Car Accident?

Miley.jpg Scary news -- Miley Cyrus was involved in a car accident over the weekend. According to reports, Miley was driving her mom's SUV when she hit and totaled a Toyota Camry! Thankfully no one was hurt, but Miley was definitely left shaken.

News Credits: HM Disney Stars

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Comparisons and similarities of JONAS LA ep. 9 and Lizzie McGuire ep. 41

Frankie and Macy together in JONAS LA ep. 9, "Direct To Video". (Pic credit: All Disney Gossip)

To begin with, this is my ONLY fave JONAS LA episode to boot and nothing else. the reason is the sub-plot of Frankie crushing on Macy for no reason. here's the recap of the said plot:

When The Lucas trio's dad visits them, Frankie was left to be taken care of by Macy since Stella fell ill while the Lucas Brothers go on a meeting with their father. what began as a babysitting job becomes a crush effect for Frankie towards Macy. Frankie dressed in a tux for Macy, making her go in awe and to distract him from falling for her, she tries many ways to make him think less of her but fails, even Macy saying that she is taken, which Frankie counters with "then may the best brother win". however it was Macy's horrible cooking that finally stops Frankie and they were over. Macy's last words after that? "I'm Free!"

Sounds familiar? you could say it was. because an episode of Lizzie McGuire, "Working Girl", has a similar thing: Matt crushing on Miranda, which ends with Melina "saving" him from Miranda instead of something Miranda did (since she was powerless against Matt's crush). It might be even a shout out to the said episode. so here's the similarities 1st:

  1. Both Frankie and Matt are younger sibs of the main characters, and are 9 years old.
  2. Both of them have a crush on the girl member of the main cast.
  3. Both woo the girls with many ways (Matt giving Miranda homemade gifts and flirting with her, Frankie sweet-talking Macy and Frankie planned to make her a Macaroni Necklace).
  4. Both are deaf to the girls' attempt to "drive them away" (Matt ignoring Miranda's oblivious dislike for him and Frankie deaf to Macy's "I have a boyfriend and he's your brother" explanation).
  5. Both Macy and Miranda are portrayed by Fil-Ams (Nicole Anderson and Lalaine, respectively). might be a factor why they liked them.

and then the comparisons:

  1. Frankie's crush on Macy ended when she baked cookies... badly. Matt ended his when Melina came and retrieved her away from defenseless Miranda.
  2. Frankie was dressed up nice for Macy. Matt went a bit up with a planned date with him and Miranda, which she had no choice but do.
  3. Frankie did not have someone to keep encouraging his "Crush". Matt has one in Gordo since Gordo was entertained with Matt's crush.
  4. Frankie didn't care about Macy having a boyfriend- his own brother. Matt however, has a bit of jealousy in Gordo, thinking Miranda was dating him.
  5. Frankie fell for Macy instead of Stella, and could be because she hugged him first. Matt fell for Miranda after giving him advice.

Frankie and Matt may be different, but they know how to get the girl... even if it's just one episode only. =]

Was Miley failing in the love game?

Seems like Miley's not so smiley these days.
In fact, she recently told sources that's she's no longer the trusting girl she used to be. "I'm always thinking, 'are you going to tell my secrets?' It's tough," Miley Cyrus said. "When I was younger, I would trust everyone... I find it very hard to trust people now. I definitely protect myself a little more. When people do sweet things for me, I start to think things like, "Ok, what do you want? Are you doing this because you love me or because you need something?' I'm a little hard. But that's just the way my life is."
Aww, Miley! Cheer up. Maybe your budding relationship with Douglas Booth will help you trust people again?

Credits to HM Disney Stars.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kamen Rider's influence on Super Sentai

Kamen Rider seems to influence Super Sentai to a certain extent. Like how? Well here are some:

In some series, men wore jackets and rode motorcycles like the Kamen Riders in civilian form. Clearly proof Toei is porting ideas between franchises.

One may also observe that both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai have Anime hairstyles as of present.

Bioman's Peebo looks like a Kamen Rider (crossed with C3P0) except he's a robot.

The monsters are just obvious. For example, the Destron monsters apparently influenced both Dynaman and Jetman primarily and other series secondarily. Animal-based monsters are the most common. Well if I elaborated this, it'll be too long an article.

Boukenger's Gaja in some way, IMO seems to have some shapely resemblances to the Great Leader of Kamen Rider (the pointed hat anyone) in the very first series aside from the Fuhrer of Goranger. Also the name Gordom may be a tribute to the name GORGOM in Kamen Rider Black.

The Questers kind of look like Kamen Riders themselves than they do with Sentai mecha IMO.

The Goseigers use Gosei Cards, similar to Kamen Rider Ryuki. Even the henshin devices are kind of similar.

Gosei Knight in Goseiger looks so much Kamen Rider to me.

Commentary Credits: Sean Akizuki's Sentai Blog

Possibility of a Miley+Demi duet...

demimiley.jpgDemi Lovato recently shared which singer she might team up with for a future song, and it's none other than her bestie Miley!
"We talked about doing a duo together, like an acoustic or something. That would be really fun to do with her. She's one of my best friends and she's super talented, so I'd love to have her on the album," said Demi, who is currently singing with the Jo Bros on the Camp Rock 2 tour.
If Demi and Miley do make a sing together I think it'd be cool. What do you think? Should Miley and Demi sing a song together?

Credits to HM Disney Stars

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Demi's alter-ego appears! MC DLOVE

At least that's what Demi Lovato calls her 80s-clothes-loving deejay alter ego, which she posted on Twitter last week.
Lol I think it's cool. :)

Credits: HM Disney Stars
Almost near to being Sheryl Nome, but still cool.

Monday, September 6, 2010

OOO and W Movie Taisen title comfirmed

To those who remembered, it was announced after Kamen Rider W FOREVER: A to Z - The Gaia Memories of Fate that there will be an upcoming Movie Wars film this December. Now, the title of the film is now confirmed! It will be Kamen Rider X Kamen Rider OOO & W feat. Skull: Movie Taisen Core.

The film is said to premiere this December 18. Aside from that, you can order some merchandise related to the film as early as December, but this is not our main focus for this film. Early rumors circulating about how the film will be like, and here are some of them.

- Phillip uses the Lost Driver to transform into Kamen Rider Cyclone. Akiko transforms into Skull. Terui is on a business trip.
- Sokichi's first request was to stop a bomb in Futo. The story how he obtained the Lost Driver will finally be told. A young Akiko will appear.
- OOO finds an armor medal a sword medal.
- The final enemy is a Dopant who finds a medal. Skull, Double and OOO will cooperate.
- Kamen Rider Baasu appears. He uses an installation henshin system. Baasu's eyes are not circular, but U shaped, (colored black) and he looks very original, something unlike any other hero before. The lower half of his "U" eyes glow red, and he almost resembles Hakaider, complete with a capsuluar head.
- Sonozaki Fumine (Shroud) and Narumi Soukichi are childhood friends.
- Their partner seems to be played by Tarou Yamamoto (or this could be the character's name)
- "San Dopant" is mentioned, as are Bat and Spider.
- The movie will be more serious than comedic, and it seems as though it will bring Akiko to a darker place as well.

Aside from that, we have found some early production photos for the upcoming film!

Seiji Tekaiwa in W HeatJoker suit fighting what seems to be a Dopant or Yummy Pterodactyl. It seems that the videos circulating of a possible OOO Dinosaur Medals are really true. But why is it to be purple?!

Koji Kikawa (Sokichi Narumi/Kamen Rider Skull), signing a kids shirt while filming!

Credits: Orends: Range for the news.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kamen Rider OOO OP, Henshin and Fight!

Finally, here's the highly awaited opening theme from the 12th Heisei Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider OOO, entitled Anything Goes by Maki Ohguro. The single will be released on November.

Kamen Rider OOO just stated airing this morning and we can now finally see how Eiji Hino transforms and fight as a Kamen Rider, with the help of a floating hand named Ankh.

Kamen Rider OOO's default form, the first one he used is called TaToBa Form, a combination of Taka (hawk), Tora (tiger) and Batta (grasshopper). He then later used TakaKiriBa Form, which in turn a combination of Taka, Kamakiri (mantis), and Batta.

Credits: JEFusion

Demi Lovato to appear on America's Next Top Model

Demi Lovato is already so busy with all her projects, but she's also going to be on a new show! Demi's going to be on America's Next Top Model!
No, she won't be competing, but she will be making a surprise appearance on the show! Look for her on Sept. 15 -- she'll be speaking out about bullying!

Credits to HM Disney Stars

Friday, September 3, 2010

One-Shot Sentai senshi

Super Sentai had some one shot rangers that appeared. They are:

I wonder if Yatori in Bioman counts. Maybe not. You decide.

Ryo Asoka/X1 Mask- He only appeared in episode 39. He was the prototype Maskman. However I don't count him as the first sixth ranger but just another ally. I kind of thought that his one-shot existence gave Super Sentai the idea to push through the creation of the sixth ranger and beyond.

Lisa Teagle/Deka Bright only appeared in episode 40. She was Tetsu's mentor with a seemingly antagonistic attitude at first. First female one-shot ranger. She was once stern and nearly emotionless until she learned that passion can be a good thing in fighting crime. IMO she is more awesome than X-1 Mask. Shows that women can be good in fighting.

Commentary credits: Sean Akizuki's Sentai Blog

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Are you ready for Camp Rock 2?

Tomorrow, get ready to witness an epic clash of two camps. it's Camp Rock VS the superior Camp Star. Who will win and who will end up packing their bags and close? IT'S ON! Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam will air tomorrow @ 8/7c!

for other countries it'll air on:
Asia, Latin America, Southern Korea and Brazil: Sept. 5
Japan: Oct. 15

Check out this epic battle only on Disney Channel!