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Open letter/Challenge to Disney Stars

I had to open it up and will be there until the challenge is met/fulfilled.
You can read it here.

Update: Selena Gomez has already reached Japan as of Feb 2011, and Miley Cyrus has already reached the Philippines as of Jul 2011. Let's keep hoping for the others.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

March 2012: Ultraman Saga!

Ultraman Saga Slated this March 2012
Tsuburaya Productions announced that Ultraman Saga, the film commemorating the 45th anniversary of the live-action Ultraman franchise, will open on March 24, 2012. The film will play in both 2D and strereoscopic 3D in theaters throughout Japan.

“ULTRAMAN SAGA” features Ultraman Zero, Dyna and Cosmos and they prevent Alien Bat from making the Earth as its laboratory with the help of Hyper Zetton and other alien monsters.

Source: Anime News Network via JEFusion

Racist Sentai Villains

It can't be denied but there are also racist groups in Super Sentai.  I would like to list them as:

Vader Clan- They are from some weird other dimension who want to pollute the Earth.

Jashinka Empire in Dynaman- They considered themselves superior because of their tails and technology.

Hundred Violent Demon Tribes in Turboranger- Ragorn's group think they're way above humans so they bully them to no end.

The Vyram- They consider humans ugly and disgusting.  Strangely though, Radiguet would fall for a human woman and make her into a Vyram.

The Gorma in Dairanger- Apparently they're racist against normal humans.

The Youkai in Kakuranger

The Orgs in Gaoranger

The Evorian in Abaranger- Apparently they're not as racially diverse as the Bandora Gang.

The Infershia of Magiranger

The Ashu- They consider themselves superior over humans.  

The Gaiarc- They consider every other Braneworld inferior compared to theirs.

Credits to Sean Akizuki's Sentai Blog for the commentary.

The new formation: Kanzen GokaiOh

Kaizoku Gattai Complete: Kanzen GokaiOh
With a October nearing to its end, our brave pirate defenders, theKaizoku Sentai Gokaiiger, acquired a new power and now facing a new challenge in the form of Ackdos Gil, the Zangyack Emperor!

Great Waltz vs Gozyu GokaiOh
Above is the image of Great Waltz, the “Mightiest Warship” of the Zangyack Fleet, given to Walz Gil by his father, Ackdos Gil, the Zangyack Emperor. It is said to debut in Episode 37. Will this be the end of the Gokaigers?

Kanzen GokaiOh
Using their own great power, the Gokaiger Great Power, which translates as “the power to take hold of dreams,” with the help of GouZyuJin and their new GokaiMachine, Engine MachFalcon, they were able to combine to form Kanzen GokaiOh.

Joe Gibken vs Barizorg
In addition, the battle battle between friends is imminent! It's Joe Gibken vs Barizorg. Will Joe ever save Cid? What methods will he use? Or will he have no choice but to kill him?

Source: 4chan's /m/ board via JEFusion

Rumors about the Bioman and Fiveman episodes on Gokaiger

Bioman Wallpaper
After the massive Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger episode summaries posted a few minutes ago, here are some rumors about future episodes depicting the remaining Great Powers and upcoming Super Sentai tributes, and Marvelous's execution.

Take rumors with a grain of salt!

Battle Fever and Denjiman's powers are more than likely being saved for the Gavan movie, while Kakuranger's tribute ep will follow the ep with Marvelous' public execution. There's rumors that the Kakurangers are involved in his escape (episode 43-44).

Episode 45 is titled "Resurrection Balzion" (TBA). It involves Ackdos Gil creating a new Balzion and sending it to Earth to challenge KanzenGokaiOh. The Gokaiger require Bioman's Ultimate Power to fight the Anti-Bio Particles.

Gou Shirou, former RedOne, shows up to train the Gokaiger and give them the Bioman's power. BioHunter Silva will not appear, because his voice actor, Hayashi Kazuo, was unavailable. Instead, Action Commander AquaMesser will pilot Balzion.

Episode 46 is the would be Fiveman tribute episode, whether or notBasco has stolen this power is unknown. If Basco ends up as the final villain, the Emperor may not be around for too long.

According to rumors it seems there might be a JAKQ episode in there somewhere as well, apparently has Ackdos Gil reviving Atomic Witch, a former enemy of JAKQ. Bamba Soukichi, former Big One, appears on Sky Ace to help the Gokaiger.

Meanwhile, Luka looses her Ranger Key in the episode, making the rangers unable to use Big Bomber. The JAKQ Covack is ineffective. The episode will be a Luka focus.

Source: dukemon22 via Gold Samurai of HJU and JEFusion

1st photo for Gokai VS Gavan

Gokaiger vs Gavan First Image Revealed!
Still hesitant to believe that the upcoming Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs Gavan will be happening, look no further since here's the first image from the latest issue of Telebi Magazine!

The image shows Space Sheriff Gavan in his iconic pose with his weapon, the Laser Blade. And guess what, Kenji Ohba will reprise his role as Retsu Ichijouji. This just shows that old age is not a hindrance to be kickass!

The image also shows the Gavan and GokaiRed face-off.

Credits to JEFusion

Gokai November Episodes

Great Waltz vs Gozyu GokaiOh
With the first batch of scans leaked a couple of days ago, here are the summaries for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger episodes this November. This includes Walz Gil's all out Earth invasion and two tribute episodes.

Spoiler alert! Read at your own risk!

Episode 37: The Strongest Decisive Battle Machine - 11/6/11
Barizorg appeared on Earth, commanding troops composed of Gormin, Sugormin, and the Emperor's personal bodyguards, the Dogormin! Their plan is an attack on the GokaiGalleon...

Joe, becoming GokaiBlue, fights Barizorg, while the other Gokaiger take on the Dogormin. However, Walz Gil appears at the battle... Furthermore, the Strongest Decisive Battle Machine, Great Walz, flies out from the Gigant Horse. In the Gokaiger's greatest pinch Marvelous is....

Joe Gibken vs Barizorg
Episode 38: The Power to Sieze Dreams - 11/13/11
Having toppled the Gokaiger, Walz Gil begins his Complete Invasion plan. This time, will the Earth become just another possession of Zangyack? What is the fate of Joe and Barizorg's connection? And Marvelous is....? Stand up, Young Space Pirates! Defeat Wals Gil with your strong, burning bonds!

Side note: Marvelous is surrounded by ??? in the 37 to 38 summaries, because he is going to have a dream talk with one AkaRed.

Kanzen GokaiOh
Episode 39: N/A - 11/20/11
Because of Navi's Otakara Navigate, the Gokaiger head to Moroboshi High School. Gai informs the others that Moroboshi High is the school that the Denji Sentai Megaranger attended. However, it has been more than 10 years since they were here.

Even if they go there now, is there any chance of meeting the Megaranger? Date Kenta, the former MegaRed, appears in this Legend episode! Do Marvelous and the others...change uniforms with 6 students?! The monsters Moririn and Dororin appear...

Kaizoku Gattai Complete: Kanzen GokaiOh
Episode 40: N/A - 11/27/11
From beyond space and time, from the future of the 31st century, aVideo Letter reaches the Gokaiger. The Sender? Timeranger's TimeYellow, Domon. He informs the Gokaiger they must time travel back to "October 2, 2010 A.D." If they go there, a certain great power may be able to be attained.... Pay attention to this episode full of surprises!

Side Note: It is confirmed that Agent no Metal Alice, Short no ZanKT 0, and Hone no Shitari appear in episode 40. Not only will this episode serve as an explanation for the Gokaiger's appearance in the previous VS movie, but it will also probably be the first chronological appearance of Matrintis (ZanKT 0 being a prototype for the ZanKT Matroids), and maybe explain some stuff about Chimatsuri no Buredoran!

Source: dukemon22 via Gold Samurai of HJU and JEFusion

Friday, October 21, 2011

New Gokai episode summaries (ep. 37 to 41)

As we get closer to the upcoming Go-Onger tribute, here are the summaries for the upcoming episodes of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger which features the Megaranger and Timeranger tributes.

Episode 37: The Mightiest Warship
Waltz Gil obtains a warship called the Great Waltz. On the other side of things, Gai asks Marvelous what it means to "protect".

Episode 38: The Power That Holds Dreams
Marvelous sees Aka Red in a vision.

Episode 39: Megaranger Tribute EpisodeTitle Still Pending
Kenta has become a teacher at Moroboshi High School. The Gokaigers disugise themselves as high school students and enter Moroboshi High. Guest starring Hayato Ooshiba as Kenta Date aka MegaRed.

Episode 40: Timeranger Tribute EpisodeTitle Still Pending
GouZyuDrill arrives from the future bringing a video letter from none other than, former TimeYellow, Domon. The letter tells the Gokaigers they must stop a a certain shrine from being destroyed on October 2nd, 2010. There, on that date, The Gokaigers find the Goseiger and Shinkenger battling, and they meet a boy named, Mirai Moriyama. 

Episode 41: Ahim's Backstory EpisodeTitle Still Pending
Ackdos Gil's elite bodyguards Dyrandoh and Zatslig board the Gigant Horse. For not being able to protect Waltz Gil, Damaras is imprisoned. Zatslig is attacking. Turns out Ahim has a grudge against him because he is the one who killed Ahim's parents and destroyed Planet Famille.

Source: Unknown Japanese Magazine, FigureOh via 4chan's /m/ board and Orends: Range

Gokai VS Gavan: Confirmed!

After the confirmation of the Megaranger and Timeranger tributes, it is official. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Gavan is officially confirmed! This epic crossover will premiere this January 21st.

Based on the previous rumors we had, Kenji Ohba will guest star as Retsu Ichijouji aka Gavan, Shiro Akebono aka Battle Kenya and Daigorou Oume aka DenziBlue. It is also rumored that the 36th Super Sentai team, Tokumei Sentai Gobuster will make a cameo. The only thing confirmed as of the moment is the title and the registration of the official website for the movie.

Earlier this month, Kamen Rider producer, Shinichirô Shirakura (Kamen Rider Kabuto, Kamen Rider Decade) was asked by a fan on Twitter if there would be a Metal Hero 30th Anniversary movie in which he replied in English, "That's a good question." Giving us a clue that he might be involved in this movie. Will this signal the revival of this classic tokusatsu franchise?

Source: via Mr. Yellow of HJU and Orends: Range

UPDATE: According to dukemon22, he got an info that Bandai will release Space Sheriff Gavan's Dolgiran into a GokaiMachine —GokaiMachine Series EX DolGiran.

Hero's Ultraman Manga synopsis

Hero's Ultraman Manga Story Revealed
Many have been anticipating the release of the upcoming Ultramanmanga in the Monthly Hero's magazine. But before we see it's debut on the magazine's December issue, here's the story and plot:

The manga take place decades after the event of original Ultraman. Ages ever since the absents of the Gigantic Hero, the next generation hero who inherit the bloodlines of the legendary gigantic hero emerge.

Shin Jiro, the son of Shin Hayata (the first Ultraman), a normal high school student, is aware about the existence of Ultraman years ago and wanted to be a hero that save the world. One faithful day lead him to a special high-tech suit that will turn him into a different incarnation of the legendary gigantic hero! Will he be a HERO?

The manga will be drawn by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi, who are both famous for their work, Linebarrels of Iron.

Source: Hero's Magazine Official Site via Gideon Burogu and JEFusion

Ninja Captor: Sentai or not?

It is common Super Sentai knowledge that JAKQ Dengekitai is the 2nd Super Sentai Series but little do most fans know that prior to that, Toei Company, Ltd. recognized a series called, Ninja Captor as the 2nd Super Sentai series. But what the heck is a Ninja Captor?!

The series aired from April 7, 1976 to January 26, 1977. JAKQ aired days later after the series ended. Ninja Captor is about Daisuke Izumo passes through the Wind Demon Stealth Army aiming for the Japanese conquest becomes the leader of ninja team "Captor" depending upon Mujin Tendou, it was to fight with the ninja whom Retsufuu Fuuma sends out.

The warriors in this team are: Fire-Stealth Captor 7 (Red), Wind-Stealth Captor 6 (Green), Gold-Stealth Captor 5 (Yellow), Ground-Stealth Captor 4 (Brown), Flower-Stealth Captor 3 (Pink), Water-Stealth Captor 2 (Blue) and Thunder-Stealth Captor 1 (Orange). Ninja Captor being part of the Super Sentai franchise was mentioned in a Bioman Guidebook back in 1984, along with Himitsu Sentai Gorenger and JAKQ Dengekitai!

But why it was unaccounted as part of the Super Sentai franchise later on? Turns out that unlike the rest of the earlier Super Sentai shows, Ninja Captor was produced by a different staff who did the Super Sentai series. Also, the inclusion of Ninja Captor in the magazine scan might be a mistake by the editors of the magazine back in the day. 

Take note, even if Goranger and JAKQ were not labelled as Super Sentai during the time that term was introduced in Sun Vulcan's run in 1981, Aka Ranger and Spade Ace were part of an official Red Warrior picture.

More on the Super Sentai stuff, although Chojuu Sentai Liveman was officially treated as the tenth Super Sentai show back then, there was a VHS released at the time of Choushinsei Flashman that had all of the Super Sentai openings, including Gorenger's and JAKQ's. Also, during Gosei Sentai Dairanger airing back in 1993, the term "Cho Seiki Zen Sentai" (Super Century All Sentai) was coined as an umbrella term for both, Super Sentai and the Ishinomori shows. It was later dropped in Mirai Sentai Timeranger's run back in 2000 and declared Gorenger and JAKQ as part of the Super Sentai franchise.

In case Toei Company, Ltd. decided to add include this series in the Super Sentai franchise, there will be three ninja-themed Super Sentai shows to date. To those interested in watching it, four volumes of the DVD is available for purchase.

Source: 4chan's /m/ via Valsag Fantasy (link 2), Wikipedia and Orends: Range

Monday, October 10, 2011

Lizzie McGuire having a new series?!

Recently, there was word that Lizzie McGuire will have a new series, set in college. The said new Lizzie show, Lizzie McGuire: College Life was planned for a 2012 airing on Disney Channel. Also said was Hilary Duff would reprise her role as Lizzie and the series will begin filming this Fall. It's currently unknown what else was said about the upcoming production.

If this is true, would you be excited to see Lizzie back on air?

Please take this news with a grain of salt until this is fully confirmed.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Next Guests: Mega Red and Time Yellow on Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

We got some rumors about the upcoming Kaizoku Sentai Gokaigerepisodes. This relates to the future Megaranger and Timeranger tribute episodes, and Princess Ahim's backstory. As always, take these with a grain of salt:

Episode 39: Megaranger Tribute Episode
Kenta has become a teacher at Moroboshi High School. The Gokaiger disguises themselves as high school students and enter Moroboshi High.

Guest starring Ooshiba Hayato as Date Kenta aka MegaRed.

Episode 40: Timeranger Tribute Episode
GojyuuDrill arrives from the future bringing a letter from none other than, former TimeYellow, Domon. The letter tells the Gokaiger they must stop a a certain shrine from being destroyed on October 2nd, 2010. There, on that date, The Gokaiger find the Goseiger and Shinkenger battling, and they meet a man, Moriyama Mirai.

The episode might explain the Gokaiger's appearance, or cameo, in the recent Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs Shinkenger: EPIC on Silver Screen. Guest starring Izumi Shuuhei as Domon aka TimeYellow.

Episode 41: Aihm's backstory episode
Emperor Akudos Ghil, accompanied by his bodyguards Dairandor and Satsurigu, arrives at the Gigant Horse. He has Damaras imprisoned for not being able to protect the Prince. Satsurigu begins a horrifying attack on the Earth, the same force that killed Ahim's parents, and destroyed her planet, Planet Famille.

In addition, here are some more rumors for the future episodes:
Source: dukemon22 of HJU and JEFusion

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rumored "Gokaiger VS Gavan" movie and rumored episodes

Uchuu Keiji Gavan
I think many of us here didn't see this coming! Rumor has it that this year's Super Sentai VS movie will feature the first Metal Hero, Space Sheriff Gavan. It will be entitled “Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger VS Gavan.”

According to rumorsKenji Ohba will guest star as Retsu Ichijouji aka Gavan, Shiro Akebono aka Battle Kenya and Daigorou Oume aka DenjiBlue. Moreover, based on the pamphlet for the 199 movie, Gavan and DekaMaster are close friends. Could this be TOEI's celebration for the 30th Anniversary of Metal Heroes?

In addition, here are some rumors about the upcoming Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger episodes which features two tribute episodes and Princess Ahim's backstory!

Episode 39: Megaranger Tribute Episode
The Gokaiger disguises themselves as high school students and enter Moroboshi High. Guest Starring Ooshiba Hayato as Date Kenta/MegaRed

Episode 40: Timeranger Tribute Episode
Gai episode. Guest Starring Izumi Shuuhei as Domon

Episode 41: Aihm's backstory episode
The Emperor's bodyguards, who destroyed Planet Famille, appear.

Please take these rumors as a grain of salt!

Credits to JEFusion