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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Should Super Sentai Dub, Sub or Adapt?

It has crossed my mind just recently with Super Sentai (as well as Tokusatsu) for the foreign market. Before Zyuranger was adapted into Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season One, Super Sentai was being dubbed into different languages- English, Filipino, French and Latin. To reduce the violence, some scenes deemed inappropriate (like gunshot wounds) were deleted without hiding the fact that the enemy died. The dubbing went until Jetman, which I believe was another choice for what Saban wanted to become Power Rangers.

Haim Saban was interested in dubbing Super Sentai if I'm not wrong. Rumors spread that he actually dubbed Bioman as an entire series but it clicked more with Asia than America. I think so because Hikaru or Pink Five was named Kimberly, a name that his first pink ranger will take soon enough- and both the chick of their teams. If I'm not wrong he felt Super Sentai should just be dubbed and edited but cultural boundaries ARE a problem one must solve.

Because of cultural boundaries, Power Rangers was born instead of Saban dubbing Super Sentai. For some reason, he chose Zyuranger instead of Jetman. Later some American fans discovered the existence of Super Sentai later and some even white ones became fans and were categorized as either they like Sentai more now, still liking Power Rangers more even if they like Super Sentai and they dumped Power Rangers entirely. Some thought that Toei and Saban should have cooperated to dub and edit instead.

Later for some reason, Dekaranger became the very first series to be completely subbed. Fan subs were also born. Fan subs were later created for other series for the English speaking fans. However no more Super Sentai series were dubbed, sadly Filipinos don't see dubbed Sentai anymore :-(. Only Anime left unadapted (but some scenes edited) was ever dubbed from Japan by American voice dubbers. However I'm recently a fan of sub over dub. Some fans think that the cast members are very much like MMPR in terms of personality. I agree but only with Hoji, Jasmine and Tetsu. Rest. IMO- nah. They're likable in their own way.

Lately for Haim Saban after buying Power Rangers back chose to adapt Shinkenger with his own a little more original interpretation presumably to remain American friendly, rather than dub Shinkenger. But then, I hope he'll start dubbing and subbing Sentai soon, that is starting with Shinkenger, at least PR fans will know why Power Rangers exists as well. :-P

Credits: Sean Akizuki's Sentai Blog


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