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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shinkenger's Super and Hyper modes

In Shinkenger there were two battlizers- the Super Mode and the Hyper Mode. Unlike in Power Rangers where only the red ranger used the Super Mode, they all took turns in using like the Acceltector in Boukenger. Sadly, Genta was never able to go super.

Takeru/Shinken Red was the first to use it being the leader which happened in Act 24. With this, he harnessed the power of fire at greater heights to defeat Gozunagumo. Later he needed to be in this mode to use the Mougyu Bazooka without risking himself in Act 38. He was however able to beat Juzo without this since the equipment was with Kaoru that time. Naturally being the leader, he uses it most of the time.

Ryunosuke/Shinken Blue used super mode next as Takeru gave it to him when Takeru had to do battle with Juzo. His first usage was in Act 26 where his water powers were increased to defeat Yumebakura. He also used it in Act 30 against Kugutsukai and the last time he used it was in Act 40.

Chiaki/Shinken Green first used super mode in Act 27 when Abekonbe switched the lives of the others save him and Kotoha/Shinken Yellow. Sadly he only used it once. Is he that underrated?! Sigh I liked him least in this series. He got to use it because Takeru was swapped with a cat statue.

Mako/Shinken Pink was given the Inromaru by Takeru/Shinken Red himself in battle, handed over like a gift (how nice). She used it in this episode even if she wasn't the focus of the episode. In Act 34, she had one VERY BAD ASS moment in this mode against Akumaro which was the last time she got super. If only this gadget will make her a better cook.

Kotoha/Shinken Yellow had to wait until episode 36 for her first time to go super. I kind of think it's a flaw that it took her a LONG time to use it. Again, no series is perfect. XP Her last usage was in episode 41.

There's also the Hyper Mode. They were used rarely:

Takeru/Shinken Red used this during the movie and in Act 31. This was one awesome power but it wasn't overused. Was it really life threatening? In Act 48, Kaoru allowed Chiaki to use this power so she can seal Doukoku which failed.

Genta/Shinken Gold used this during a short special "The Light Samurai's Special Transformation".

Credits to Sean Akizuki's Sentai Blog for the commentary.


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