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Friday, July 23, 2010

Ishinomori classic hero universe to be revived

The Revival of the Ishinomori Franchises
According our sources, to whom is said to be an insider from TOEI, states that there will be an upcoming tokusatsu projects to revive the Ishinomori Universe, via a compilation of 5 short stories.
  • Kikaider SLASH - This story takes place after the first Kikaider series.
  • Henshin Ninja Katsuhi - A sequel to Henshin Ninja Arashi and uses some thrown out ideas for when Kamen Rider Hibiki was to be called Ongeki Ninja Arashi.
  • Inazuman Spark - There was no information found on the Ranger Board souce.
  • Kaiketsu ZZ - A possible sequel to Kaitetsu Zubat.
  • Kamen Rider the Movie: Legacy of the Mask - This is the working title of this Kamen Rider film. This film has been on the works since before All Riders and TOEI intends to do their best to bring back every title character this time.
To show that the movie doesn't belong to any one series, the title screen will flash "Kamen Rider OOO the Movie" at first, with "OOO" pasted on top of the logo, then it will quickly scan back through each Rider series logo until we are left with simply "Kamen Rider the Movie."

Source: Ryoutarou of RangerBoard via 2chan


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