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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Super Hero Time The movie '10 presscon

W, Goseiger Movie Press Conference
A press conference for the upcoming Kamen Rider W and Tensou Sentai Goseiger movie was held on Tokyo Kaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo. The two films will have a simultaneous release this summer and both will have a 3D screening.

W, Goseiger Movie Press Conference
Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Epic on the Movie
Super Sentai's 34th show Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Five people from the Gosei World came to Earth in order to protect it, they are called Gosei Angels. The actor of Gosei Red, Yudai Chiba says, "This is the first time I appear in a movie, I wish I could run through the action scenes."

W, Goseiger Movie Press Conference
Kamen Rider W FOREVER: A to Z Gaia Memory of Destiny
Kamen Rider W film Director, Koichi Sakamoto (best known for his Stunt Direction in Power Rangers) says, "The timeline of this movie is set right before the end the TV series." The TV series has a linked development.

The actors of Shotaro and Phillip from Kamen Rider W, Renn Kiriyama and Masaki Suda said: "Usually, Phillip is just behind Shotaro. This time it's the opposite, Shotaro will be more of a support for Phillip." (Kiriyama) and "This time, it's about the growth of Phillip. I feel like I have more responsibility. I am only 17 and I already to this kind of stuff." (Suda)

W, Goseiger Movie Press Conference
This time the guests are Matsuoka, Aya Sugimoto and Genki Sudo. The bad guy, Matsuoka, who is disguised as Kamen Rider Eternal says "I didn't think I'd ever work with something like this. I think if you work seriously and hard enough your dreams will come true." with a serious expression.

Sugimoto, who plays Maria S. Cranberry, said "The director told me, just because this is a children's movie, don't hold back. Be sexy and let the pheromones out, do your best and be proud." while pushing her chest out.

The movies will be released in Japan on the 7th of August.

Source: Yahoo! JP translated by DecaEnd


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