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Open letter/Challenge to Disney Stars

I had to open it up and will be there until the challenge is met/fulfilled.
You can read it here.

Update: Selena Gomez has already reached Japan as of Feb 2011, and Miley Cyrus has already reached the Philippines as of Jul 2011. Let's keep hoping for the others.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Miley and Demi's matching tats

This puts the Forever in BFF!
A day after it was revealed that soulmates Katy Perry and Russell Brand made their relationship totally official with matching tattoos, new photos suggest that Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus have made their friendship forever by doing the same!
It's been long known that Miles has a tattoo above her heart that reads, "Just Breathe." The ink is in honor of a friend that died of cystic fibrosis, a disease that attacks the lungs. Well, in this new picture, her BFF Demi (former rivals, now on the same team!) seems to have the exact same thing!
There's been no comment from Demi, but closer inspection shows that it's almost definitely the same tattoo.

What do YOU think — why did she get it, and should 17-year olds be getting ink anyway?

Thanks to HM Disney Stars for the info.


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