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Open letter/Challenge to Disney Stars

I had to open it up and will be there until the challenge is met/fulfilled.
You can read it here.

Update: Selena Gomez has already reached Japan as of Feb 2011, and Miley Cyrus has already reached the Philippines as of Jul 2011. Let's keep hoping for the others.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lookback on the Zaddie love story

In celebration of Ashley Tisdale's 24th birthday, let's look back in what was the romance between her and Dylan Sprouse (on TV, that is) that is called "The Zaddie Love story trilogy".

Part 1: Season 1 - A Prom Story
Maddie and the high school prom committee prepare for the big dance at the Tipton. Maddie has a crush on an upperclassman, and needs London to book a famous rock band as the entertainment. Zack teaches Maddie how to dance and he thinks that she likes him when she says that there is a "three year age difference." When the prom begins, Zack finds out that Maddie liked a different guy and becomes really depressed. But when the band doesn't show up at the Tipton, Zack gets a band of carnival freaks, the Cirque de Fantastique, to come to show up at the prom. Maddie is really excited when they show up, only to be depressed again when the guy she likes has a girlfriend. Zack says he will dance with her if Maddie will go to his first prom with him.

Part 2: Season 2 - Not so Suite 16
Zack is thinking of what to get Maddie for her birthday. Cody comes and has a perfect present for her, Zack tries to take the present but Cody doesn't let him. Cody and Zack go out and buy a present for Maddie from Zack but Zack never found anything. Zack ends up stealing the present that Cody bought, but when Maddie opens the present, the card says that Cody got the present not Zack, but Maddie stills hugs Zack because his present was actually going to get birthday.

Final part: On deck season 1 - Maddie on deck
The final story shows Maddie coming to the SS Tipton to visit. The episode goes on with Zack and Maddie's attempts to hug and kiss each other all ending up in a failure. all went worst when Prince Jeffy - who is a 8 year old prince - being in love with Maddie. on the party, Prince Jeffy gave her a "bouncy ball" which was the royal sphere of eternal commitment, and when Maddie refuses, the ship is held hostage. Zack came to her rescue by challenging the prince in a duel (which he loses twice) but the tide turned as Maddie kissed Zack to even make the prince surrender. the story ends with Maddie and Zack going out "into the sunset".

All in all, The story is done, but what surprises await this couple in the future? we'll have to find out, for only time could tell...

Credits to for the synopsis for the first two episodes.


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