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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Shinkenger tribute episodes and more Goukeiger movie news!

As we all know based on the toy catalogs, the next episode is a Shinkenger tribute episode and surprisingly, this tribute episode will last for two episodes! Runa Natsui reprises her role as Kaoru Shiba/Female ShinkenRed. 

Navi tells Marvelous and the crew to be "cautious of Samurai's." The five starts to search after people wielding swords. This is when they met Kaoru which challenges them into a duel for her to reclaim the Shinkenger Ranger Keys.

Based on the known scans, Kaoru will use her Shinkenmaru and fight against the Gokaiger's Joe who is using a single Gokai Sabre. Her retainer, Tanba, will make an appearance too.

These two episodes will revolve around Joe's past as well which he remembers his senior, Sid (played by Shindou Gaku) who taught him everything about swords. This episode also marks the debut of the ShinkenGokaiOh, the second formation of the GaoLion Legend Machine.

Asides from that, the next tribute episode involves Gekisou Sentai Carranger! Since the series is know for being a parody Super Sentai series, expect that this will be an extremely funny episode! The said show's writer, Yoshio Urasawa returns to direct this tribute and Yuji Kishi reprises his role as Kyousuke Jinnai/Red Racer.

Carranger's tribute episode will be on Episode 14. Episode 13 will be a non-tribute episode that will revolve around Ahim working with a kidnapper that has money problems.

And lastly, here's a minor update regarding the upcoming Gokaiger - Goseiger - Super Sentai: 199 Great Hero BattleAccordingly, the Black Cross Army along with the Zangyack Empire was able to steal the Gokaiger's Ranger Keys which they used to summon evil clones of the Rangers. What's more is that these evil clones were summoned by using a gun (on top left)! Onore Die-, I mean, Black Cross King!

GorenGokaiOh (below the gun) will also debut in this film in which the Goranger's first flying fortress mecha, the Varibloom/Variblume docks on GokaiOh's back to form this formation. Asides from flying, it is not confirmed if it has more abilities asides from that.

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Courtesy of Orends: Range


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