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Update: Selena Gomez has already reached Japan as of Feb 2011, and Miley Cyrus has already reached the Philippines as of Jul 2011. Let's keep hoping for the others.

Friday, April 8, 2011

More Goukaiger updates!

After the Gekirangers made their appearance on Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and GaoRed later appearing on the show, a lot of fans wonder what is next after the GaoLion Legend Machine mecha. Just recently, more rumors about three new GokaiMachines appearing in the show surfaced along with more Ranger rumors!

Take these rumors as a grain of salt.

Asides from the rumors of more two-in-one Legend Machines, there are three new rumored Legend Machines namely Cosmo Vulcan from Taiyo Sentai Sun VulcanShogozyu Tyrannosaurus from Kyoryuu Sentai Zyuranger andVaridreen from Himitsu Sentai Goranger

Once combined with the GokaiOh, each will form SunGokaiOh, ZyuGokaiOh and GoGokaiOh respectively. What's more is that the GokaiOh can combine with all three Machines at once, forming the SanJyuGoGokaiOh (Translated as 35 GokaiOh).

Now for rumors about GokaiSilver; it is earlier rumored that Barizorg (who is voiced by Shindou Gaku who plays Eagle Sazer in Sazer X) will betray the Zangyack and become GokaiSilver. Accordingly, Barizorg might not be GokaiSilver, instead they might hire a different actor for the role. Also, GokaiSilver's Robo can combine with the other GokaiMachines.

Maehara Kazuki and Nishioka Ryuuichichirou who have left showbiz that once played Ryoma aka GingaRed and Matoi Tatsumi aka GoRed were being negotiated by Toei to reprise their roles for Gokaiger. 

Also, Asao Kobayashi (who also left showbiz years ago) who plays Asao Hyou aka VulPanther even if he is not a Red Ranger, he posted in his blog last March that he is heading to Tokyo for Gokaiger. Giving us hints that Toei is quite aggressive in bringing as many Sentai veterans as possible, especially those Reds who left showbiz before Gokaiger started.

Lastly, we have more info about GaoLion's second formation with GokaiOh, theShinkenGokaiOh! On top is the image of the Legend Machine GaoLion box which features ShinkenGokaiOh's face on the right side of the box. Also, the gashapon version of the ShikenGokaiOh is featured on the right giving us an idea on how the DX version might look like.

In the DX version of the toy, once you turn the GokaiDial with ShinkenGokaiOh the 5 main kanji show up one by one from under the panels on his body. Also, ShinkenGokaiOh can wield two different swords. One mode is a long sword (possibly the Daishinken) and the other is Rekka Daizantou. 

Source: dukemon22 via Gold Samurai of HJURed Ranger of HJUShougo B'Stard of HJU
reference credit Orends: Range


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