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Friday, March 11, 2011

Goukaiger henshins to Fiveman- next!

Many fans wonder, what other old school Super Sentai teams that the Gokaigers will turn into? Just recently, recent set pics where leaked online hinting that the Gokaigers will turn into the first sibling Super Sentai team, Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman (Trans. Earth Sqaudron Fiveman)!

In these set shots, we saw the suit actors for Five Black, Five Blue, Five Yellow, Five Red and even if it is not obvious, Five Pink (on the left side of Five Red) preparing with their fight against two head Zanyack officers, namely Insarn and Barizorg along with their army of Gormins! There are also other set shots related to this one but most of it are scenes in which they positioned Insarn and some Gormins, not that interesting. 

Reference and credit by UkiyaSeed of Orends: Range.
*Reason why I edited the article, is due that Super Hero time is pre-empted due to the recent earthquake.


UkiyaSeed said...

Umm, I never edited the article because of Super Hero Time being pre-empted due to the quake, it is because one comment pointed out that Five Red and Five Pink are on the photo along with my typo.

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