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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why Sentai Lasted Longer

I was inspired to write this when I read this entry by Lavender Ranger. So why do I think Super Sentai has lasted that long in contrast to other franchises like Metal Hero and Kamen Rider (which froze for 11 years before Kuuga arrived)? Well here are some:

Super Sentai presents different themes. If the same type of theme is carried over, twists and turns are made. Examples of these are like Zyuranger and Abaranger (dinosaur theme), Turboranger and Carranger (car theme) and teenagers with an attitude (Turboranger and Megaranger). There are also fusion themes like Hurricanger (Kakuranger and Liveman) too.

Deviation from the norm was happening especially in terms of plot, mecha and characters. Can't help but use Liveman and a example of that start. Sun Vulcan was the only Sentai with three members. Liveman was a great series (save for the not-so-well done finale because IMO it should have been an emotional battle instead) that it spawned two "clones" namely Hurricanger and Go-onger. Jetman's arrival also helped make better series.

I think the introduction of the giant robots did to since Battle Fever J. PR fans may call this the "Megazord mayhem in Super Sentai" which was first introduced in Battle Fever J. The demand for toys made Toei create more plot twists in the mecha.

Also with the rangers, portraying them to be more human than most American TV superheroes even to the point of death keeps the show realistic. The superheroes in Super Sentai had their weaknesses more emphasized than ever. For example, Hoji Tomasu though he was the best officer in the block also had the attitude problem of being cocky and self-centered which he eventually overcame. Some red rangers didn't start of as the ideal leader they were. The girls though they were hot, they had their thorny stems too (ex. Lin of Dairanger). In reality, even some of the greatest heroes recorded in history made disastrous decisions in life.

A fresh cast helps too. Different casts mean different personalities. Also Super Sentai's bad seasons weren't that bad either.

At times, the re-emergence of Super Sentai seniors in some of the newer ones.

Action scenes. Yeah. Super Sentai has plenty of action scenes although the newer ones were watered down for some reason.

And I think drama has something to do with keeping it fresh too.

Villains keep the show hot too. Also, they are not portrayed to be one-dimensional. Even the biggest SOBs like Radiguet and Long do have a sense of humor, though theirs is sick. Different villain twists were done from the standard organization to even creating multiple factions in a show. Also the part where villains turn against each other keeps the show realistic.

And not to mention humor. Humor is part of life like sadness and death. Even a dark series like Dekaranger had some funny moments, even for a serious guy like Hoji Tomasu.

How could I forget the OST? IMO Sentai OST is better than Power Rangers in terms of the melody. There are plenty of musical scores for different situations. Music livens things up.

Thanks, Sean Akizuki's Sentai Blog for the commentary.


Anonymous said...

Thats BS.

The only reason you didn't have naked attempts at cashing in on KR as a pure toy franchises before was because Kawamori was still alive back then and he would have put a stop to any such attempt as opposed to now.

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