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Friday, November 12, 2010

Ultimate Sentai Mech combinations

Here's a summary of the ultimate combinations or "Ultrazords" in Super Sentai. They are:

The first one was in Turboranger, where the Super Turbo Robot would dock into the Turbo Builder Robot Mode. It fired the Super Turbo Builder Beam. It was first used against Ragorn in episode 39 and second, in the final episode to destroy the Bouma Palace.

We had the Max Magma from Fiveman. Unlike the Turbo Builder, this was able to move around. It was first used in Fiveman episode 29 where they fought against the combined monster Crab-Ant Man when the Super Five Robo failed. In the final episode, it wasn't able to stand against Vulgyre resulting to Magmabase' destruction.

The Kyokyoku Daizyujin was the ultimate shell of the dinosaur god. It was first used to counter Lokar/Dai Satan in episode 31. It was used more than once in the series. It finally destroyed Dai Satan in the final battle, in contrast to MMPR season one where Lokar wasn't destroyed.

Unlike the other ultimate combinations, it didn't feature a fancy blast attack. Instead, this one had the weirdest finisher of all time. The Ryuseioh would use its propeller to fly the whole combination upward at high speed then it would stop, crushing the opponent. I wonder why the cannons were never used?!

The King Pyramider Battle formation. Ohranger Robo/Ohblocker Robo would dock into the back part, the Red Puncher goes at the back and forms the two additional cannons. It had two formations- carrier and battle mode. Carrier was used only once. In the non-canon Ohranger vs. Kakuranger, it failed to destroy the Purse Monster. In the finale, it was used to destroy both the enlarged Buldont and Maruchiwa.

I would put Ultimate Daibouken into the picture. However it was shorter than the rest in here. It moved fast and fired a blazing attack.

The G-12 in Go-onger is the first ultimate combination that didn't use a carrier vehicle. It was the combination of all 12 vehicles.

The Shinken-oh was the combination of every mecha except Daigoyou (I view him as an extra hero and not mecha) and Kyoryu Origami. In the final battle against Akumaro, Kyoryu Origami was added into the combination for once. In the finale, it wasn't able to stand against Doukoku.

Thanks to Sean Akizuki's Sentai Blog for the commentary.


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