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Open letter/Challenge to Disney Stars

I had to open it up and will be there until the challenge is met/fulfilled.
You can read it here.

Update: Selena Gomez has already reached Japan as of Feb 2011, and Miley Cyrus has already reached the Philippines as of Jul 2011. Let's keep hoping for the others.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Selena Gomez' reaction to her song being... No. 1!

Shocking for her? Believe it!

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Selena Gomez! Her song “Falling Down” hit the #1 spot for the FIRST TIME on Radio Disney’s “TOP 30 Countdown with Jake” this weekend. The BEST part was that Selena was on air when she heard the news, letting all of the listeners hear her very SHOCKED and excited reaction! “WHAT?! Are you kidding me?!” she screamed, “I never, ever had #1 and I listen to the countdown – thank you!” Listen to Selena get the news - Download the whole thing!!


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