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Friday, October 9, 2009

Movie exclusive sentai mechs, part 2

Let's move on to other things now, here's a list of sentai mechs exclusive to the movie releases, this time w/ the kyodai mashin (Giant Machines), or Movie-Exclusive formations.

First up: movie-exclusive formations which didn't get a TV release.

Gao Knight (Gaoranger The Movie)
Length: 61.5 m
Width: 39 m
Weight: 7130 tons
Power Animals: Gao Kong, Gao Eagle, Gao Bison, Gao Tiger, Gao Shark, Gao Elephant

Called the "Fiery Spirit Knight", it is the combination of GaoKong, GaoEagle, GaoShark, GaoTiger, GaoBison, and GaoElephant along with Soul Bird. Its finishing move is Big Burn Final. GaoGod fought alongside Gao Knight. GaoKnight and GaoKong are exclusive only to Gaoranger The Movie: Fire Mountain Howls.

Height: 51.0 m
Width: 47.0 m
Weight: 6600 tons
Speed: 220 km/h

GekiRinToujaWolf (Gekiranger VS Boukenger & Go-Onger VS Gekiranger)
Height: 53.0m
Width: 50.0m
Weight: 3500 tons
Speed: 600 km/h
Power Output: 3500
GekiBeasts: GekiTiger, GekiWolf, GekiJaguar, RinLion, RinChameleon
In Gekiranger vs. Boukenger, Rio, Mele, Gou, and Ken piloted GekiRinToujaWolf against Pachacamac XII with Bae inside. Its finisher is the GekiRin Rou Rou Zan.

Now for mechs that had a Movie debut and later appeared in the TV series at least once.

Gao God (Gaoranger)
Length: 65m
Width: 36m
Weight: 5140 tons
Power Animals

: Gao Leon, Gao Conder, GaoSawshark, GaoBuffalo, and GaoJaguar

The "God of the Power Animals," comprised of the five God Power Animals. Tetomu refers to it as Wild God. As GaoGod, his attacks are Wild God Sword and Power Arrow, where he shoots his sword like an arrow. He was used by the ancient Gaorangers and was made from older versions of the current Gaorangers' totem Power Animals. He was killed 1,000 years ago by Hyakkimaru, which forced Shirogane to don the Dark Wolf Mask. In the present day, he appeared in spirit form to help the Gaorangers restore Shirogane to normal, including temporarily eclipsing the full moon which caused Loki to temporarily revert back to Shirogane.

Has a cameo in the movie 'Fire Mountain Howls' where was piloted by GaoSilver. It is also able to perform combination attacks with other formations, such as Animal Burst with GaoKing and Double God Impact with GaoHunter.

Later, as GaoRed and GaoSilver were fighting Ura, he took the form of the human boy Futaro and guided the four Gaorangers in the afterlife. When they awakened GaoFalcon and were resurrected, he was as well. As Futaro, he was unaware of his true form at first, but slowly began to remember after meeting his old friend, Shirogane, and listening to Tetomu perform Muraski's song. After seeing how the humans had polluted Earth, he transformed into GaoGod and took the Power Animals from the Gaorangers, deeming that humanity does not deserve their help because humans are wasteful creatures and only pollute the Earth.

But after the Gaorangers showed their will to protect the Earth and its creatures, he returned to fight alongside GaoHunter Blue Moon. He returned the Power Animals and left the duty to protect the Earth in the hands of the Gaorangers. He later returned to notify the Gaorangers of the final Org, and again to help Tetomu in sealing the Matrix and in the fight against Senki. Its finishing attack is the Heaven's Punishment Power Arrow.

TenraiSenpuujin (Hurricanger)
When Manmaruba became huge and ate the Goraijer, the Hurricanger went to save them. Gozen-sama sent three new Karakuri Balls which formed to Tri-Condor, which enabled the combination of all six Shinobi Machines into the Tenraisenpuujin. When the Tenraisenpuujin's chest blades spin, they summon a destructive whirlwind which lifts monsters into the sky and destroys them. It first appears in the movie and then in Episode 37.

In episode 38, Tricondor's Shinobi medals are each shattered after its first fight with Tenraisempujin. The team wasn't able to use it for quite some time. Tenraisempujin simply has too much power. Oboru looked at schematics for the two combinations, she said that it could be Gouraijin causing the problem. It seems to be that the lighting energy conflicts with the wind energy. Oboru wanted to takes some parts out that aren't needed especially a Kuwagata joint. Isshu was not happy about this at all. Isshu lost his hold on his temper and shook Oboru. Nanami and Kouta manage to pull him away.

Bakureno (Abaranger)
Weight: 4600 tons
Total length: 46.5 meters
Installed capacity: 2,300 ten thousand horsepower

The combination of Carnoryuutasu and ChasmoSealdon. Garubidi used the Bakulaser to combine them and piloted the Bakureno to fight aganist the other bakuryuu. It stole Tyranno's tail drill and used aganist it. It was collectively destroyed by all the Bakuryuu. First appeared in the movie

and then in one episode.

Saint Kaiser (Magiranger)
MagiPhoenix combines with Unigolon to become Saintkaizer in the movie. Saintkaizer runs on top of the Magitrain and uses its weapon as a pole volt to kick Sword of Glum. In the most impresive movie, the team performs 'Magical Showtime' in which Travelion lets go its rails and MagiDragon grabs hold of it. Then SaintKaiser pole volts from Travelion to grab hold of the two rails and swings to kick Sword of Glum. Kai becomes SaintKaizer to destroy Chimera and fight WolKaizer in episode 34.
Height: 46.0
Length: 35.8 m
Weight: 400 tons

DaiTanken (Boukenger)
Appeared in the movie first, then Episode 40 where the Boukenger used it against Ouga, the Western Ashu.

Height: 49.8m
Width: 41.4m
Ton: 4200t
Speed: 500km/h
It is Bouken Formation #2, with the GoGoDrill and GoGoDrill as the arms, GoGoMixer and GoGoCrane as the legs and GoGoJet as the body. Bouken Red piloted it in episode 40 and Bouken Black in episode 42.

GekiRinTouja (Gekiranger)
Height: 53.0m
Width: 50.0m
Length: 21.5m
Weight: 3500 tons
Speed: 550 km/hr
Power Output: 3000
GekiBeasts: GekiTiger, GekiCheetah, GekiJaguar, RinLion, RinChameleon
Powered by both Geki and Rinki, GekiRinTohja uses the Fierce-Confrontation Fist fighting style that combines both Beast-Fist styles to perform the Fierce Confrontation Slash spin-slash attack. It first appears in 'Movie Edition Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Nei-Nei! Ho-Ho! Hong Kong Decisive Battle,' GekiTouja was getting beat up and Lao Fan encouraged Rio and Mele to help the trio. Rio said he was merely doing it in order to show the true power of JyuKen to Yang, who mocked it. In Episode 33, when the Gekiranger, Rio, and Mele are sent to the Edo Era by Rageku, they formed it once again.

Engine Dai-Shogun (Go-Onger)
Height: 59 m
Length: 48 m
Width: 25 m
Weight: 3000 tons

Speed: 750 km/hr
Power Output: 1400
The movie Engine Sentai Go-onger: Boom Boom! Bang Bang! GekijoBang!!
introduces the three new Wandering Engines who were robbed of hearts and Engine Casts by Maki's magic when they came to Samurai World, assuming human forms called the Flame-People. When setting in an Engine Cast, they say, "Engine Entering Soul." Once in their true Engine forms, they form Dai-Shogun. Itsfinishing attack is the Go-on Crimson Slash with its enlarged flaming Engine Sword. After Maki's death, Engine Dai-Shogun exhausted its energy from fighting her and turned to stone. In Episode 39 of the series, it landed on the Human World and activated by the Engine Sword. It was once again evil and started destroying the city. It was tamed by the soul of Retsu-Taka and formed again with the souls of Speedor, Bus-On, and BearRV. After destroying foes from the Samuari World, the casts were sent back to Samuari world with two visiting brothers.
Kyoryu Shinken-Oh (Shinkenger)
Combining with the Kyoryu Origami when the kanji for "Kyoryu" is written, Shinken-Oh becomes Kyoryu Shinken-Oh, using the Kyoryuto as a weapon.

And that's the sentai movie exclusive mechs. that's all there is. until next time.

Credits to Super Sentai Time Capsule


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