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Friday, August 14, 2009

A Moliver fan's outrage.

(Note: this post is of opinion from the blogger, and is not to offend anyone else.)

In the first few episodes of Hannah Montana, we thought we'll get to see a future for the characters of Miley Stewart and Oliver Oken. It's seen in the episodes "Miley, Get your gum on" and "O say, can you remember the words?" and so on. Season 2 was kinda drifting away from the two and it was kinda neutral, as in friendship-wise.

But all of this changed in the episode "What I don't like about you" (Season 3, episode 13) when Moliver (Miley-Oliver) fans got the big shock that put a smile to Loliver (Lily-Oliver) fans and an angry look from Moliver fans- Lilly and Oliver started dating in that episode!

I'm not happy to hear this when this episode aired and it was a big blow to all Moliver fans. What in the world where the HM producers and creators had in mind when they did this dealting blow? Fortunately we got a Moliver moment for awhile in "I honestly love you(No, not you)" (Season 3, episode 20) but that's all about it. I for one cannot forgive what they did with Miley and Oliver, and one way they did so Moliver fans would sulk forever and bring their hopes down to an ash was by having Miley go back to Jake Ryan in the 1-hour episode, "He could be the one", another huge blow to the Moliver fans and a big "Yay" to the Jiley (Jake-Miley) fans.

Now Loliver and Jiley fans are happy. But not Moliver fans. That alone was an unforgivable move by the HM producers. We thought we'll see another Lizzie and Gordo in Hannah. Looks like every Moliver fan's wish got reduced to dust. But, is there hope for those two in a later season, which is the last season next year? We hope the producers can atone for their biggest mistake- which is breaking Miley and Oliver apart, love-wise, before the show closes next year.

Until then, we can just reminisce every Moliver moment in previous episodes. Because if Moliver isn't back by next season, expect another wave of disappointment from us Moliver fans. Otherwise, I'll Rider Kick the makers and producers of this show for giving us a big heartache.


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